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Thanks for stopping by.  Here you'll find tales of all our family adventures, including pictures and videos of Colt and Sadie as they grow up.  We try to add updates a couple times a week, so be sure to keep checking back!

It's late January but it's still a good time to spread Christmas Cheer.  Sorry I didn't get these up last month, but still wanted to share. This is Colt's Christmas Program - maybe the last year of this as he'll officially be a kindergartener next Christmas!  Enjoy!



Aubie Claus was back in town for the holidays, so we took the kids to pay him a visit.  Colt, as always, was very excited to see Aubie.  We think Sadie may be a Bama fan.

Click the pic to see our pics with Aubie Claus.



Here's a photoshoot of Colt and Sadie that Susan did over Thanksgiving break.  I'll be posting the remainder of our 2014 pics this week, so check back for more updates.


We've shared most of these on Facebook already, but here's our Fall 2014 set of Colt and Sadie.  Susan is becoming a real pro at capturing these two.

Click the pic to see the gallery.


Just a photo update for now, a long overdue 18 month update to follow!

Click the pic for pics!

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