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After a full week of celebrating, Colt has turned 5!  He kicked off his week early by heading to Marvels Live with Dad on Thursday night and then on Sunday continued the celebration with a "Lightsabers and Legos" birthday party.  All the kids (27!!!) got jedi costumes, Princess Leia headbands, and lightsabers (made from pool noodles).  They had a ball battling the bubbles and each other at the park.  Monday he became the "Sunshine Student" of the week which meant he got to do something special at school each day.  On his actual birthday we went to Chuck-e-cheese, had pizza, played games, and opened a few last gifts. 

Colt is the life of every party, and the center of attention anywhere he goes because he is a serious ham and the cutest kid you've ever seen.  He is extremely funny and at the same time takes himself very seriously. 

Some of his favorite things are:

Soccer (both playing (he is EXTREMELY GOOD) and watching (Jozy Altadore is his favorite player), super heroes (dressing up like super heroes, pretending to be superheroes, talking about super heroes, watching super hero tv shows and movies, etc), playing outside, going on any type of "adventure", riding his Jeep and pretending to catch "bad guys", our awesome neighbors "Mr. Tim & Mrs. Trish" (a little obsessed), the beach, snorkling (he took a trip with us to Maui in February and had the time of his LIFE), swimming, being a daredevil (not scared to try ANYTHING), Legos (he and Stan will work on a really hard Lego set every night for a week!), his sister Sadie (very protective and LIVES to make her laugh, smile, and help her learn new things.....although he also loves to get one-on-one special time with mom or dad to do something special without her), learning about new things (he CONSTANTLY asks us to google something he wants to learn about and says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up), the TV show "American Ninga Warrior" (he is always trying to do new stunts and asking how old you have to be to compete on the show), he loves to snuggle and is very affectionate with family.

He is very competitive and gets frustrated with himself when he doesnt do/play his best...especially in soccer.  He is by far the best soccer player on his team (and in his age group) and scores 8-10 goals during every game.  He is finally enjoying trying to help friends score too which is fun to see.  He is every aggressive and hustles after every single ball, there is not a play he is not involved in (both offense and defense).  He doesn't like to do things he think he isn't the absolute best at (I think he gets that from me, whoops) example I can think of is that he is very good at sounding out words and putting sentences together but gets very frustrated quickly.  He asks A LOT of questions and wants full details on everything.  I also seriously think he might be a genius (don't all parents think that about their kids?).

He loves 5 Guys Burgers (even though he gets a grileld cheese every time we go), Subway, sour patch kids, and brocolli.  He hates pretzels and carrots and can't see a thing without his glasses on.  He is VERY competitive (SOCCER) and gets frustrated when others are not.

Colt is 5 going on 25.  He has a very mature inquisitive mind that is constantly working/learning/doing even though he is also one of the silliest and funniest 5 year olds you'll ever meet.  There is not another Colt Stabler anywhere and I love him more than life itself.  I can't IMAGINE my life without him in it.  I love seeing him grow, learn new things and interact with his little sister.  He is the best big brother you can imagine.


The force was strong with Colt's 5th birthday party.  Susan once again did an unbelievable job in putting together Colt's Lego themed Star Wars party.  I think we had 27 young Jedi's at the party, so needless to say we are still opening presents.  It's crazy that Colt is already 5 but he's growing up quickly.  Where are the brakes??!!  

It was a great party and appreciate everyone that came. Click the pic to see the gallery!



We ended the summer with a trip to the beach, opting once again for Seacrest Beach just outside Panama City on 30A.  We had a fantastic time....we ate pretty much all our meals at the condo, so it was 5 relaxing days of beach>condo>beach. Repeat.  The weather was perfect and the water was as clear as the Caribbean - the best conditions we've ever seen in the Gulf.

The trip wouldn't have been complete without a stomach virus, but fortunately it didn't hit until the final day which made for a pretty fun 5 hour drive home that took 8.  But all in all, a great trip. Click the pic to see the rest!



Colt was a member of the Birmingham Barons Kids Club this year and to close out the season the Barons held a special clinic just for Kids Clubs Members.  Colt got the opportunity to go down on the field and work out 1 on 1 with the Barons players.  He was pumped to get the opportunity and had a great time.  Click the pic above to see the pictures from the clinic.

Colt and Sadie both moved up into new classes this year, with Colt moving on to Pre-K and Sadie to the Toddler 1 class.  Colt's not even in kindergarten and already quickly becoming bilingual.  Just a few weeks into Pre-K, he's already learned the basic numbers, colors, and really surprised us one evening when he blessed dinner in Spanish.  Sadie has the basic sign language down and is focusing on learning colors.  After her first day, she crashed on the couch immediately after we got home, so evidently Toddler 1 is tough!  

Click the pic above to see the rest of the pics.  Sorry, we're a little late getting these up - Colt and Sadie are keeping us BUSY.

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