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Thanks for stopping by.  Here you'll find tales of all our family adventures, including pictures and videos of Colt and Sadie as they grow up.  We try to add updates a couple times a week, so be sure to keep checking back!

Playing catch up again - for Father's Day Colt's class put on their annual Father's Day Program, Donuts for Dads.  They served donuts and sung several songs for the Dads.

Here's one of them - hope you enjoy!


Just a quick update with a few pics from Grants Mill Park.  It's a new fun park with various obstacle courses, ropes, courses, etc.  Colt wasn't old enough to all of it, but he enjoyed the jumping ride and the water wheel ride.  It made for a fun Saturday afternoon!  


Over Memorial Day Weekend we took the kids up to Chattanooga for a visit to Lake Winnie and the Creative Discovery Museum.  We made the trip back in 2011 with Colt and had such a good time we made a repeat visit.  Lake Winnie is a great family oriented amusement park, and the rides kept both Colt and Sadie entertained for the entire day.  It was a BLAST.

We stayed overnight and the following morning visited the Discovery Museum, which is similar to the McWayne Center here.  There was plenty to do here as well, making it a great overnight trip.  

Click the pic above to see our pics!


We had another photoshoot with Jennifer Neely to celebrate Sadie's 1 Year mark.  We thought the pictures turned out great!  Click the pic above to see the entire gallery.



Colt's official team photos came in, so I've added them to the other soccer pictures. You'll see them at the end.  We have an update coming soon with pictures from our recent Chattanooga trip.

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