Colt: 11 Month Update

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Only ONE  months until Colt turns ONE.  I cannot believe it. Colt is turning into a real KID, he is not a baby anymore which is fun and exciting but so sad that it has all happened so fast!!!!!  Here is his 11 month update:


We still haven''t found anything that Colt won''t eat.  He hasn''t eaten any "baby food" in 2 or 3 months and pretty much just eats what we eat.  At school he loves chicken and rice, macaroni, animal crackers, cereal; the list just goes on and on.  He is a really good eater.  He is also doing very well on water out of his sippie cup, although we haven''t really pushed his formula/milk in it too much yet, its on the agenda for this month.  Speaking of milk he has officially started to transition to milk.  I figured I would do it fairly slow since by 1 year he should be drinking milk instead of formula.  One slight mistake,  I bought 2% milk instead of whole milk.  Pediatrician said he recommended whole milk.  Something about brain development so I suppose I''ll opt for the whole milk next Publix trip.  Don''t want to be messin'' with my baby''s brain even though the thought of whole milk kind of grosses me out.

Colt has goes to sleep about 9:30pm and gets up at 6:30am.  He is our (read: MY) little alarm clock on the weekends.


Colt still loves going to daycare and his best buddies are still Miller and Parker.  Those 3 boys rule the class and its so funny to watch them play together.  I think they are doing better about teaching Miller not to mess with Colt''s glasses.  They have only come home broken 3 times this month (haha).

Teeth - Colt now has 7 teeth - 4 on top and 3 on bottom

Tub - We have officially gotten rid of our bath seat and Colt LOVES to wiggle around in the bathtub, blow bubbles, throw his letters and animals over the side and watch mom pick them up.  He still doesn''t like getting his hair washed, if only he could learn to tilt his head back and the water wouldn''t get in his face!  In Stan''s words "I now know what my mom meant when she would say "If you would just hold STILL!".

Crawling - Crawling is still his main mode of transportation.  Colt does laps around the house pushing things on the floor with him:  pots, pans, cars, the broom, his bottle, a magazine, ANYTHING.

Walking - He is SO very close to walking.  He does circles around the coffee table, will transfer from the coffee table to the couch, will even walk along a wall just using the wall to hold him steady.  He doesn''t like to stand up and hold our hands to hold him up, he wants to do it himself.  He also has several toys he pushes around including his lion, his little play table, and his new fire engine.  He will walk behind them and push them from one side of the room to the other and then back, repeat. I think he will be walking (at least starting to walk) by his birthday.

Colt still won''t say "mama"..........but his newest trick is to point to EVERYTHING (even nothing) and says "that".  I don''t know if he is trying to ask "what is that?" or "look at that" or something else but its pretty funny.  He also has been learning sign language at school and has picked it up very fast.  He can sign "more" and "please" and the week he learned "more" he was so OBSESSED with doing it over and over that I even found him signing "more" in his SLEEP!  He has also just recently learned to clap.  Stan was elated when Colt started clapping on his own after an Auburn touchdown while watching the game.

What he Loves:
"Decorating" the house with pots, pans and toys, taking baths, laughing, riding on his new fire engine, riding in his wagon, playing with the dogs, and pushing his toys around on the floor and walking behind the big ones.

No doctors appointment until his 1 year check up! Colt is wearing a size 4 diaper and mostly 12 month clothes.  I actually bought him his first pair of shoes.....they were a size 4 Merrell shoe.  His big toe hardly fit in those things so I then purchased a size 5 New Balance tennis shoe.  Still no luck.  Looks like the kid has either some big or fat feet, I''m not sure which one. Guess I''ll try a 5.5 or 6 next?


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