Colt is ONE!

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Colt turned ONE on Saturday and we celebrated in style at the Inverness Fire Station park.  We had lots of friends and family come to celebrate and we all had a great time.  Colt got TONS of fun toys and just enjoyed getting to see all of his grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends!  He didn''t care too much for his birthday cake but enjoyed showing off his new walking skills, eating animal crackers with his buddies, and pointing at the fire truck lights!  A special thanks to everyone who helped with his party: Laura who helped me stake down the pavillion and set up, Stan who kept Colt while we set up, LeaAnne who made the most fabulous cupcakes, my Mom, Julia, Susan, Scott, Lee and Dana who helped clean up!

Here is a summary of Colt at 1 year:

Colt is a great eater.  He normally just eats what we eat.  Haven''t found anything he won''t eat.  He also is now only taking 1 bottle a day (the rest from his sippie cup) and almost totally on whole milk in lieu of formula.  He was on all milk for a few days and I think it gave him some tummy issues so we are going back to about 75% milk, 25% formula for a few more weeks I think.  It''s hard giving up his night time bottle because it is our snuggle time!

Colt goes to sleep about 9:00pm and gets up at 6:30am.  Very regular and sleeps on his tummy with his legs tucked up under him (butt in the air).  He scoots up really close to the head of his crib so his head is nestled into the crib bumper.  I love watching him on our video monitor.

Colt still loves daycare and his best buddy is Parker (who was at Colt''s birthday party).  His teachers are so sweet and they teach those kids LOTS of things I never knew a 1 year old would be able to do!

Teeth - Colt still has 7 teeth - 4 on top and 3 on bottom - I think the 4th one on the bottom is in the process of coming in.

Crawling - Colt still crawls alot but has also officially become a "walker".  See below.

Walking - He is officially a walker. About 2 days before his birthday he just started taking off on his own.  He can all of a sudden stand up by himself from sitting down and he will just stand up and start walking around!

"Co" = Colt
"Dadadada" = Dad
"Maaaaaaaaama" = Mom
"Ba" = Ball
"Da" = Dog
"Dat" = That (as in, "look at that", "what is that",  "i want that")
"Uh Oh!!!!" = Uh Oh

Still doing great at his sign language: "please", "more" and "finished".

He can point to your eyes and nose on command.  Nose sometimes also is referred to as "honk" and he will honk your nose.

What he Loves:
"This little piggie", "decorating" the house with pots, pans and toys, taking baths, climbing up the stairs from the basement, holding ANY and EVERY hairbrush (he is slightly obsessed), and dancing to music.

Colt is wearing a size 4 diaper and mostly 12-18 month clothes although most of his pants are 6-9 month for some reason. 
Still not really wearing any shoes although he did wear his New Balance tennis shoes to the zoo on Sunday with Dad.  Dad said he just kept untieing them and didn''t really have any interest in walking around with them on.

Doctors checkup:
Weight: 23lbs, 1.5oz - 52% (he gained 2lbs since his 9mo checkup)
Height: 29-3/4" - 25-50% (he only grew 1/4" since his 9mo checkup)
Head: 17-7/8" - 20%

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