Colt - 13 Months

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I just realized as I started to write Colt''s 14 month update that we never POSTED his 13 month update!!! Here goes.......

Its been a month since Colt turned ONE and it sure has been a busy one!

Over the last month Colt had his first REAL Halloween, attended his first Auburn game, enjoyed his first hay ride, and REALLY enjoyed his first (and second) experience in a bounce house!

Here is a summary of Colt at 13 months:

Colt is still a great eater and we haven''t found anything he won''t eat. Some of his favorites are Goldfish, grilled cheeses and broccoli (actually any green vegetable).

He also is now officially OFF bottles and formula and ON sippie cups and milk!

Colt goes to sleep about 9:00pm and gets up at 6:30am.  Very regular.  My current absolute FAVORITE time of day is when I am putting him to sleep and he is 1/2 asleep and 1/2 awake......he will hold my hand flat and tight against his cheek/face and not let go.  He snuggles up tight to me with my hand on his face and if I start to pull away he pulls in tighter.  I know he is asleep when he finally loosens his grip.   Man I love this kid.

Colt still loves daycare and is about to move to the "creeper 2" class.  His best buddy Parker moves this week and then Colt is 2 weeks behind him.  I think officially they swap classes at 14 months and Parker is about a month older than Colt so they will be separated for a few weeks.

Teeth - Colt has 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on bottom.  He had mixed feelings on his rubber toothbrush over the last few months but simply due to the fact we lost his baby toothbrush I have swapped to a regular adult toothbrush and he seems to LOVE it.  Not sure what the difference is but he opens up wide and love the feel of that toothbrush on his teeth and gums.

Crawling - Colt still crawls some, but not alot.  His main mode of transportation is walking.......or RUNNING.

Walking - Colt is loving his new freedom.  It is crazy how in 1 month''s time how confident he has become in walking and even running.  He LOVES to push his lion toy down the driveway, around the cul-de-sac, down the hill and up the hill.  At first I was afraid he was running too fast was going to fall and bust his chin/face but he loves it so much I can''t bring myself to make him stop or slow down! He laughs the entire time.  On weekends Colt and I like to walk up and down Heath Row and collect acorns.  Sometimes we stop and sit on the curb for a few minutes to investigate our stash.

"Co" = Colt
"Dadadada" = Dad
"Maaaaaaaaama" = Mom
"Ba" = Ball
"Da" = Dog
"Dat" = That (as in, "look at that", "what is that",  "i want that")
"Uh Oh!!!!" = Uh Oh

Still doing great at his sign language: "please", "more" and "finished".

He can point to his/your eyes, nose, head on command.

When asked "Colt, how old are you?" He immediately responds by holding up 1 finger.

What he Loves:
Swinging, running up and down the street, dancing and clapping to music, climbing up and down the stairs, playing peek-a-boo, taking baths, holding our phones to his ear and playing like he is talking on them, being tickled, playing with balls and cars, and being outside.

Colt is wearing a size 4 diaper but I think I may buy 5''s next round.  He wears  mostly 12-18 month clothes and a size 5 shoe! The kid has some big/fat feet.  I actually have about 20 pairs of shoes and 7 or 8 he never got to wear b/c his foot was too big!

Doctors checkup:
No more doctors check up''s until January at his 15 month checkup.  He will however go get round 2 of his flu shot on Thursday with Dad.

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