Colt: 14 Month Update

I feel like over the last month Colt has suddenly turned into a little boy.  Where did my baby go?????  Over the last month we have enjoyed picking out our first real Christmas tree, cheering on our auburn tigers, having our 2nd haircut (and already needing another one), and having a fun Thanksgiving in Furman.

Here is a summary of Colt at 14 months:

Colt is still a great eater and we haven''t found anything he won''t eat. Some of his favorites are pizza, pasta, cheese, peas, and broccoli (actually any green vegetable).  Not that big of a fan of PB&J which I just can''t believe. 

We go through ALOT of milk.  I guess thats a good thing. I just never liked milk so I am glad Colt does.

Colt goes to sleep about 9:00pm and gets up at 6:30am.  Very regular. 

Colt just moved into the "creeper 2" class and from what I can tell so far he really enjoys it.  In his new class they no longer have cribs to nap in, they all sleep on little cots and "nap mats".  I was very skeptical about this but apparently he LOVES it.  He now at home will make a pallet and lay his head down on it like he is ready for his nap.  They also now only take 1 nap per day instead of 2.

Teeth - Colt still has 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on bottom. 

Crawling - Colt is waaaaay over it. I am too. I love him walking and being so mobile.

Walking/Running - Colt walks/runs EVERYWHERE.  He walks in and out of daycare holding our hands, loves to run outside, would much rather walk himself than be carried.

"Co" = Colt
"Dadadada" = Dad
"Maaaaaaaaama" = Mom
"Ba" = Ball (OMG, his favorite word BY FAR)
"Da" = Dog
"Dat" = That (as in, "look at that", "what is that",  "i want that")
"Uh Oh!!!!" = Uh Oh
"Gasssss" = Glasses
"Brrrrr" = BRR its Colt Mom!
"Mu" = Milk
"Bubbbbbls" = Bubbles (it cracks me UP how he says "bubbles" - its "bub" then lots of "b''s" like your blowing air out your mouth" he LOOOOOOOOVEs bubbles - bubble bath or bubbles that you blow)

He knows/understands SOOOOOOOOO many words it blows my mind.  Even if he doesn''t officially say them, he knows exactly what they mean when we say them. I can just say "hey Colt, come here and let me put your jacket on."  He will walk over to me and back into me with his arms out ready for me to put his jacket on.  Same with socks, shoes, etc.  This kid is seriously smart.

Still doing great at his sign language: "please", "more", "finished", "eat"

He can point to his head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, feet, hands, belly on command and loves to show off doing it.

When asked "Colt, how old are you?" He immediately responds by holding up 1 finger.

What he Loves:
READING BOOKS in your lap (oh my word Santa, please bring us more books for Christmas, Mom and Dad are getting sick of the ones we have!!!!), pointing out EVERYTHING in a book, brushing his teeth, dogs, climbing the stairs (he has been going up and down for months now but now he wants to go like a big kid instead of scooting), taking baths, playing with ANY ball, swinging, the slide at the park, dancing and clapping to music,  being tickled, and being outside.

Colt still wears a size 4 diaper, mostly 12-18 month clothes and a size 5 shoe. 

Doctors checkup:
No more doctors check up''s until January at his 15 month checkup. 

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