Colt: 16 Month Update

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Colt is now 16 months old and well into "toddler-hood".  Some days I swear he is inching towards the "terrible twos" and other days he is still the same sweet handsome little boy we all know and love.

Anyway, here is his official updates and stats at 16 months:

Colt is a great eater.  Favorite foods right now include macaroni and cheese (also Mom''s favorite), raisins, rice, and BANANAS.  He usually eats a banana on the way to school only because he sees them while I am packing my lunch and won''t stop saying "nana nana nana nana" until I give him one.  He also typically eats one when we get home from work/school while I am cooking supper for the same reason.........he won''t stop until I give in.

Colt still goes to sleep about 9:00pm and gets up at 6:30am.  Very regular.  He seems to be napping less during the day, even daycare says he typically only takes about an hour nap per day and wakes up before all of his friends.  He usually takes advantage of this time and shares a yogurt with his teacher Ms. Kimberly.

Although I know Colt LOVES daycare, most days he bawls when I leave.  He wants me to stay all day and play I guess.  Currently there are 5 kids in his class: Colt, Parker, Miller, Eli, and Krislyn.  Colt and Parker are BFF and Colt says "pa pa" all the way to school, he can''t wait to play with Parker!  Colt has about 2 more months in his current class and I really don''t want him to leave there.  The teachers are fantastic and they text me pictures and comments about little things Colt is doing throughout the day.  It really makes me smile.

Teeth - We have gained 4 new BIG teeth since last month for a grand total of 12.  I really think alot of his fussiness the last few weeks has been a result from these teeth pushing through.  They are huge and I can only imagine how they hurt.  They are his first molar teeth.

Its hard to even list out the words that Colt knows now, he knows SO MANY.  Some of his new words this month include "lemonade" and "swimming".  He is talking alot more these days.

What he Loves:
Listening to Mom sing the ABC''s, reading books, finger painting, washing his own hair, baths, dogs, dancing, pirates, helping out (loading dish washer, loading dryer with clothes), watching football, being tickled, jumping on the bed, being outside, and reaching up and touching the ceiling (via Stan),

What he Hates:
Brushing his teeth (this has always been on the "what he loves" list until this month......those dang molars are messing him all up!).

Colt wears a size 4 or 5 diaper, mostly 12-18 month clothes and a size 6 shoe.

Doctors checkup:
No official doctor check up until he is almost TWO.  However, I took him to the doctor on Monday thinking he may have an ear infection (due to his sudden tantrum/outbursts), and he weighed in at 26lb 10oz and actually weighed on the big boy stand up scale instead of the kind they roll into the room and he sits in.  (No ear infection by the way.)

Other funny news/stories to remember:
After Colt''s doctors appointment Monday we made a trip to Wal-mart.  The trip started badly but I figured I had at least 10 minutes while he ate a banana from the produce department.  After stuffing the entire banana in his mouth in about 30 seconds he proceeded to climb out of the buggy.  After about 10 different rounds of in the buggy, out of the buggy, walking by the buggy, pushing the buggy, running down isle in front of buggy, Colt had had enough.  He was ready to go home and so was Mom.  I thought I could squeeze 30 more seconds in and go get some bread.  As we turned down the bread isle Colt takes off running with his arms wide spread knocking about 20 loaves of bread off the shelf. After I started yelling at him to get back in the buggy he broke down in a temper tantrum and started rolling on top of all of the bread that was now in the floor.  Rolling on the bread then turned to stomping on the bread and last I remember I threw Colt in the back of the buggy on top of my groceries and headed to the checkout.  Lady at checkout calmed him down by having him help scan our groceries.  This worked well until the goldfish came across for the scan and his mood turned from bad to worse when they did not end up in his hand.  We quickly exited Wal-Mart and I have vowed to not go grocery shopping with Colt alone for a very long time.

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