Colt: 17 Month Update

2011.03 008.17months

SO much has happend in the last month, I can''t belive we dont have a single website post.  Maybe we will get caught up over the next few weeks but for now, the topic of the day is that Colt is 17 months old!  Here is his official update:

Colt has always been a great eater.  He still likes to eat but eating has become a bit of a chore these days.  We have not seen a meal in weeks that Colt does not get a "time out" for throwing food.  He will look at me straight in the face, have a stare off, and then food goes flying.  Obviously the time-outs are not working to resolve this matter.  Any suggestions?
He loves pasta, bananas, crackers, cheese, brocolli, cauliflour, pretty much any fruit or vegatable.

Colt still goes to sleep about 9:00pm and gets up at 6:30am.  Very regular.  In the last month our bedtime routine has changed a little bit:  milk about 8, bath about 8:15, brush teeeth, diaper and pj''s about  8:45, story-time 8:45-9ish and as soon as I finish the last book and turn the light off Colt says "night night, bed" and points to the bed.  He is ready to get in bed and go to sleep.  Its been great, no trying to ease him into his crib without waking him up, no crying b/c he isnt ready to go to sleep yet, just "night night, bed" and we are down.

Colt loves daycare once he is there and I leave.  His friends and teachers are all the best.

Teeth - We finally pushed through last months teething issues with no more teeth in sight for now.  12 total.

Following Directions - Colt has become GREAT at following directions.  He loves to help pick up and put things in the trash, he can go get a toy/his milk/a dog bone/ etc from another room and bring it back to you.  .........

New glasses - We got Colt''s 2nd pair of glasses and he hates them.  Having a hard time keeping them on, and they also have already broken once.  Looking for a back-up pair now.

Its hard to even list out the words that Colt knows now, he knows SO MANY.  Some of his new words this month include "turtle" and "rainbow".  He is talking a TON these days.  He also knows lots of sounds....."choo choo" for a train, SEVERAL animal noises (pig, bee, cow, horse, etc), "beep beep" for the car horn, ............

What he Loves:
The Itsy Bitsy Spider, singing w/ mom, the dogs (his nightly chore is to feed the dogs and help dad get them more water, in turn Stan gives him change for his piggie bank), jumping, being outside, and BOOKS.

What he Hates:
Getting his hands dirty, brushing his teeth, sitting still, church nursery,

Colt wears a size 4 diaper, mostly 12-18 month clothes and a size 6 shoe.

Doctors checkup:
No official doctor check up until he is almost TWO.


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