Colt: 19 Month Update

2011.05.09 006.19months

Colt is 19 months and here is his official update:

I may quit posting in this section because there is nothing that Colt won''t eat.  He LOVES hot dogs, grilled cheeses, fruit, and still not too fond of sweets.  However, Easter candy was a big hit for sure.  Probably needs to eat more veggies (don''t we all?).

This is my last post on sleeping. 9pm - 6:30am. Very regular unless he goes out partying with Ms. Kimberly and Ms. Page to play putt-putt golf and he doesn''t get home until 10:45.  Then he sleeps till 8:45am.  Wonderful.

Colt still loves daycare and comes home dirty most days from playing so hard.  He is all boy.


Colt can count to 5 (he is REALLY good at 1, 2, 3 and 5......he for some reason always leaves out 4)  and also says his name now.  He also likes to point out "big trucks", can tell you what pretty much any animal says, he recognizes a few letters from the alphabet and is particularly fond of "O" and "T" for some reason.  He knows when we pass the park everyday and really wants to stop.  He knows as soon as we get to a baseball game to ask for a hot dog. Kid cracks us up.  He also loves to say, sing, and yell his new favorite phrase "mom and dad and colt".  When writing his name and spelling it out for him, he can tell you where the "O" and "T" go after you get him started with "C". He has also gotten EXTREMELY good at telling us "NO".  It was cute at first.  It''s getting old.

What he Loves:
Playing outside, the park, the zoo, ANY moon bounce, books, sidewalk chalk, Auburn, Aubie, riding in the Jeep, being carried by Mom, baseball games, playing with older kids, saying "no", any ball that can fit in his hand, his teachers at school but especially "kimmie", bananas, telling people he is five, crystal light lemonade, saying "bye"really loudly and blowing kisses to everyone everywhere we go, playing with the water hose, playing the drums on "Rock Band", swinging, collecting sticks and pine cones.

What he Hates:
When you take away a ball, when you tell him "no", rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, when you won''t carry him.

Colt wears a size 4 diaper, mostly 18 month clothes and a size 6 shoe.

Doctors checkup:
No official doctor check up until he is almost TWO.

Other funny news/stories/events to remember:
We have started saying our prayers with Colt at night.  As soon as we turn the lights off in his room after story-time he folds his hands.  He also says "amen" at the end.

Colt calls himself "Tote".

Colt''s very first pair of glasses that he has had for a year finally bit the dust. By bit the dust I mean he threw them out of Stan''s jeep and were run over multiple times before they were rescued by Mom when she got home. 

Colt has a mouthful of teeth, I think 14?? 

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