Colt: 21 Month Update

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Colt is now 21 months old.  Here is what he has been up to this month::

Colt is really putting small sentences together now.  He loves to tell everyone "good job" - after brushing his teeth he says "good job teeth", after helping feed the dogs he says "good job help".   He tells everyone goodnight - "night night mamma", "night night da-da", "night night cain".  Also "love you mamma", "love you dad", "love you lala", etc.  He loves to say his prayers and folds his hands and bows his head and says "prayer" at least 10 times during every meal.  He can repeat just about any word or phrase and really understands when you talk to him.

What he Loves:
DANCING, the pool, balls (any size, any type), reading books, making a mess, talking on the phone to whoever has enough patience, trains, baked beans, Zach Brown Band song - Toes (he calls it "Toe Wet" and requests it every time we get in the car), tickling everyone "tickle mama", crystal light lemonade with ice "dad, lemonade ice", and getting stickers after he goes potty.  He loves doing things on his own and does not want any help - pushing the cart around in wal-mart, pulling up his pants.

What he Hates:
When I won''t let him take his golf clubs ("hit ball") into school wit him, when he is hungry and I am not finished cooking dinner (he will hand me everything he can reach out of the pantry and say "mamma eat! mamma eat!")

Colt wears a size 4 diaper, mostly 18 month clothes and a size 6 shoe.  Started wearing pull-ups at home this month and also got him some Thomas the Train big boy undies (I now realize why they come 10 to a pack!).

Doctors checkup:
No official doctor check up until he is almost TWO.

Other funny news/stories/events to remember:
Colt has always been very interested in the potty.  For months now we have talked about getting him his own and we finally did one night while at Wal-Mart.  We cruised down the baby isle and picked out a potty.  As soon as we put it in the buggy Colt started freaking out "potty!! potty!! potty!!".  He rode the potty in the back of the buggy for about 30 min around the store yelling to everyone we passed "potty!! potty!! pee pee!! potty!!".  That very night we sat it in the bathroom next to the big potty and he sat right down on it and went pee pee.  Ever since he does GREAT at home going on his potty.  He will tell us when he needs to go and run in and sit down and go.  The only problem lies in that there is not anyone else in his class at daycare who is potty training and I don''t think the teachers are really used to doing it at his age.  I don''t think he really goes much at school on the potty which is going to make it hard to truly get him potty trained.  Plus the fact that we are not at home very much on the weekends.  Oh well, he has a great start and maybe one of these days we will actually have a few days at home and we can finalize!!!

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