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Due to me crashing our website, I am no longer allowed to post pictures.  However, I''ve had this update written for 2 weeks so I figured I would go ahead and post it.  Stan will add the pictures when he gets time.  Come back to see them though, as they are pretty funny.
22 Months old, where is the time going? Our little man is almost TWO!  Here is what he has been up to this month:


His favorite word/phrase is - "baseball bat".  A close second behind an old classic, "mama" (which he probably says 3 million times a day), is "baseball bat".  I bet he says "baseball bat" at least 300 times a day.  The kid is obsessed with all things baseball.  Nana bought him a baseball mitt so that has also been added to the mix.  He really understands questions and puts thought into his answers:
Mom to Colt: "Colt, where did Dad go?"
Colt to Mom: "Mom, Dad went bye bye in Jeep!"

Mom to Colt: "Colt, can you tell me all the animals on the wall that Ms. Page has painted at school?" (His teacher Page is painting a big mural on the wall in his classroom)
Colt to Mom: "Elephant, snake, zebra, lion, giraffe, bird.........."

Mom to Colt: "Colt, can you tell me all the names of your friends at school?"
Colt to Mom: "Papa (Parker W), P (Parker P), Eli, Mimmer (Miller), Cade, Kislyn (Krislyn), Page (his teacher), P (and we start over again.....)"

More of his favorite words/phrases include: "Mama, read book!", "Dad, pee pee in potty!, "Mom, Bah Bah Black Sheep", "Mom, Tote do it!", "Mine!", "Ready, Set GO!", "football helmet".
He can count to 10 and has started learning his ABC''s.  He pretty much just knows "ABCDEFG" and then it turns to sporadic letters in a random order after that "TSOUPYO". Also, his ABC''s are more of a RAP than a song.

What he Loves:
BASEBALL (balls, gloves, bats, players), "Lemonade ice" (lemonade with ice), Zach Brown Band song "Toes" which he calls "Toe Wet", dancing, the pool, balls (any size, any type - baseball, football, basketball, soccer ball), reading books, doing everything by himself "Tote do it!", trains, airplanes, his pillow pet, going potty on the big boy potty (especially out in public restrooms), sneaking up on everyone and tickling them, his cousin Sawyer which he calls "Ah-hee" (I have NO idea why), helping Mom unload the dishwasher and telling me what each item is as he hands it to me to put away, putting on his own shoes (he is getting fairly decent at this), and jumping off everything (couch, stairs, his dresser (with me there to catch him), play-dough.

What he Hates:
When we take away his baseball or baseball bat (ex. church, school), sitting down for longer than 5 minutes to eat.

Colt wears a size 4 diaper and has been also wearing pull-ups.  Wearing mostly 18 month clothes and a size 6 shoe but can still wear 12mo shorts and can go up to 24mo shirts sometimes. 

Doctors checkup:
No official doctor check up until he is TWO.

Other funny news/stories/events to remember:
Colt loves to go potty in the big boy potty.  When we are out and about he has to use all the restrooms.  One night we were at the YMCA and he told me he needed to go pee pee.  We went into the bathroom and his routine is "Mama, water on" (mom, turn the water on, he likes to hear running water so he can pee I guess), then he always wants to wad up a piece of toilet paper and throw it in the toilet and try to aim for it with his pee pee.  This night I wadded it up and threw it in and said "Colt, ok hit that" (meaning try to hit it with your pee pee).  He proceeded to wind up his arm and start hitting the toilet paper with his fist.  Toilet water and pee pee was all over both of us.  Good thing we were going back to get in the pool!
A few months back we went to some festival where Colt got a free bike helmet.  Children''s Hospital was there sizing kids for bike helmets and giving them away.  Apparently Colt has a HUGE head and got a helmet that actually almost fits me.  Anyway, Colt calls it his "football helmet" and wears it around and asks for it all the time.  It is very multi-purpose: batting helmet (see pictures), tv watching helmet, bike helmet, and also hat for his teddy bear.  He told me Sunday morning "Mama, teddy bear sit helmet on".  Which meant "Mom, look, I sat my teddy bear down next to me and I put my helmet on him".
He is also really starting to play pretend more.  He will pretend to eat your nose, he will pretend to feed his teddy bear, he will pretend to mix up a pitcher of lemonade with a spoon.  It is so fun to watch his brain work. 

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