Colt: 23 Month Update

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Birthday party invitations will go out is Colt almost 2 already?????
Colt is 23 months, kind of a short update.  Sorry to all our fans (grandmommy) but honestly I don't seem to have alot to update on this month!


Sentences.  Colt can seriously talk in full sentences now and its so weird.  Every time I listen to him I am amazed at #1, how much this kid knows  #2, how much this kid pays attention, #3, how much this kid remembers and can repeat! YIKES, Stan and I seriously are going to have to start spelling words to each other.  This is already the case for things like "Hey Stan, have you seen Colt's b-a-s-e-b-a-l-l b-a-t?" but I'm afraid its about to become more common.  He also is coming up with his own prayers at night....Stan and I start him off by asking him what he is thankful for.....this long list ALWAYS includes "eat", "baseball", "mom and dad", and "Kimmy Page".  Some of the other common varibles each night are: Nana, LaLa, Lee, Poppy (I think this is both my dad and Stan's dad), GB, Ganmommy, fun, and home.

He can still count to 10 and has still only mastered "ABCDEFG" from the alphabet.  He has started a new class at school and they are really working on colors and counting.

"War Eagle Aubie!"

What he Loves

"Happy Day Cole Baby" - aka - Happy Birthday song to Cole Bailey (the first in his class to turn 2 a few weeks ago, he sings it constantly at home, BASEBALL, "running the bases", brushing his teeth (don't know how this happened since it used to be on our hate list), "gummies" (his gummy vitamins), reading books,  church, "Kimmy Page" (aka - Kimberly and Page from school - he says "love you kimmie page" every single time he says "love you mom" or "love you dad"), watching the school buses in the morning, cheese, apple sauce, yogurt, hot dogs (no bun), the water park, Aubie, football, pushing the garage door opener to open/close the garage door, his MOM (I'm sure even Stan would agree that in the last few weeks he has become very possessive of his Mom.  Stan will try to hug me and Colt gets mad and says "No Dad, MY MOM".  Colt also broke a pot he made me for mothers day by accident.  I started to fake cry and he got really upset thinking I was upset and kept giving me kisses.  Stan tried the same thing and he just laughed, hehe).

What he Hates:
When we take away his baseball bat (always due to hitting something he wasn't supposed to hit).  I honestly can't think of anything else he ever gets mad about.

Colt is wearing pull-ups (size 4 diaper at night), 18 month clothes and 2T clothes and size 6-1/2 shoe.  Mom just bought (alot) of clothes at the first consignment sale of the season and bought all 2T clothes.  Hopefully he will grow a tad and be able to wear all of these this winter!

Doctors checkup:
No official doctor check up until next month.

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