Colt: 2 Year Update

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Its official, we have a 2 year old on our hands!  Colt could not be more fun right now, we absolutly LOVE spending time together as a family and really enjoy seeing Colt get excited about new adventures and watching him develop his own personality.

Colt does not stop talking.  He is up to about 6 word sentences.  Some from tonight that I can think of are "Mom has water, Dad has tea, Colt has Sprite!" or "No David, come back, you have no pants on!" (this is from one of his favorite books at the moment), "Mom, my hiney is all red" (It is not red, he just likes for me to put diaper cream on his hiney for some reason these days), "Dad, watch baseball on tv please!!!", "This Mom, this Dad, this Colt Stabler" (pointing out everyone in the family). "This say War Eagle, this say Tigers" (when showing us his new Auburn bat), so many cute ones I can not even name them all!!!

He has really started to enjoy singing more.  His favorite by far is "Bah bah black sheep".  He also knows some of the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "ABC Song", "Happy Birthday" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  (Of course his old stand-by favorite is still "Toes" by Zach Brown Band)

They are working on colors and shapes at school.  He is pretty spotty on most of his colors but can definitely point out blue, green and red.  He recognizes shapes but gets them confused.

"War Eagle Aubie!"

What he Loves
BASEBALL, "running the bases", baseball bats (particularly his black Indianapolis Indians bat), baseball pants, watching baseball on tv, catchers helmets, ANYTHING related to baseball, brushing his teeth, "gummies" (his gummy vitamins), reading books,  playing outside, school buses, dump trucks, donuts (when asked "Colt, what do you want for dinner?" his reply is usually "donuts mom!"), Aubie, football, the YMCA, school, lemonade with ice, pushing the garage door opener to open/close the garage door, going pee pee in the big boy potty (still haven't gotten him to go #2 in it), airplanes, stickers (mostly baseball stickers), "Happy Days" (aka - anyones birthday).

What he Hates:
Washing his hair, bath time.  Colt will sit on the potty for an hour if you let him to avoid the bathtub. Not sure what happend to our love for the bath. Please come back!

Colt is wearing pull-ups (size 4 diaper at night), mostly 2T clothes and size 7 shoe.

Doctors checkup:
Colt weighs a whopping 28lbs 8oz, is 34.4" long, and has a 20" head. I havent actually looked up the charts but the doctor says this is all right about 50th percentile.

Colt's daycare teachers (and Parker Posey) have taught him to say "Roll Tide".  Stan does not find this humorous but Colt really does.


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