Colt: 2 1/4 Update

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Well, after the 2 year mark I have decided to only do a quarterly update that is solely dedicated to Colt. I really enjoyed doing the monthly update but it was getting hard to find the time!!

Here goes..........(PS I wrote this at the first of January and had not posted it b/c we got a new computer and I'm having trouble accessing all of the pictures from our server, hang tight I promise I will post some to go along with this soon!)

Colt does not stop talking and asking questions.  "Mom, what is this?", "Mom, what you doing?'Mom, where my Daddy go?",  "Mom, how doin' day?", "Mom, is park closed?" are a few of his favorite lines. 
Some other funny sayings he has are:

"Double hug???"  (This means mom and dad can you get close to me b/c I'm going in for a hug from both of you at the same time)  this is also usually immediately followed up by "Mom, Dad, double tiss?'Colt Stabler do it!'To infinity and beyond!!!" (This is always incorporated with arms swinging wildly and a jump onto someone or something, be warned!)
"War Eagle, Roll Tide, Colt Stabler likes both of them Mom" (This is a major upgrade from the big ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL TIDE's we were getting previously
"Santa bring us presents!!!" (Usually yelled at the top of his lungs out of the car window at a passing blow up Santa)    
"Baby Jesus born on Tismas Mom!" (See, he knows its not all about "ho ho ho!") (He tends to turn a lot of his "C's" and "K's" into "T's" which just makes everything sound cuter)

He also loves to sing his ABC's.  The funny part about this is that he sings them perfectly (with the exception of substituting "W" with "double" - aka "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVdoubleXYandZ").  At the end of the song he says "Now I know my ABC's, momp momp momp momp sing with me" then every single time says "No, next time is yucky Dad, momp momp!!".  Have no clue what "momp momp" is but he knows it is wrong and that it should be "next time" but he loves joking with Stan and singing it wrong. Another one of his holiday favorites has been "Jingle Bells" which goes "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all WAAAAAAAAAAAAY, oh what fun ride open sleigh, HEY!" Bah bah black sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday and Itsy Bitsy Spider are still some of his favorite classics.

He is pretty dang fun because you can get him to say absolutely ANYTHING and he understands EVERYTHING you say.


What he Loves:
Toy Story (Cowboy Woody and Buzz), colored bath tablets, showing off his belly button and also seeing others show theirs off, Kermit, stickers, guitars, tracing his (and others) hands, reading books (he can recite a few books completely that we read a lot), baseball, donuts, sleeping with a bed FULL of items (cowboy woody doll, teddy bear, baseball bat, blanket, and Bert are currently in bed with him every night), lemonade, his "cowboy woody boots" that Laura and Lee gave him for his birthday (this is by FAR his shoe of choice and wants to wear them everywhere and shows them off to everyone else who he finds wearing similar boots), riding his new JEEP that Santa brought him and also coloring on his new art eisel, bounce houses, using his "tools" to help dad fix his Jeep, going to Furman, Christmas lights, his mittens (he must have them on in the mornings going to school or he has a fit),  the park.

What he Hates:
Getting up in the mornings! "MOM GET BACK IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

What he is Learning:
Still working on colors and shapes, he is pretty good at both.  Putting our socks and shoes on, he is pretty good at the taking OFF part and fairly decent at putting them back on (especially his boots). Going potty more consistently (he had it down pat about 6 months ago and I think it has been very irregular at school which has made it a major challenge at home.  (I also think I have gotten lazy with it.)  He loves to wear big boy undies and does a lot at home. I haven't been brave enough to send them to school.

Colt is wearing pull-ups (size 4/5 diaper at night), mostly 2T clothes and size 7 shoe (although I would buy him an 8 right now if i was in the market b/c his 7's are getting snug).

Doctors checkups:
No clue on his height/weight, we haven't been to the doctor since his 2 year check up, I am not complaining! Love and are so blessed to have a healthy kid!!

Funny/Other News:
His teacher Pleshette told me one day that Colt was someone she could see herself hanging out with.  She thinks he has a really odd/funny grown-up type sense of humor and thinks it is hilarious.
Colt attended his first movie in the movie theatre with Dad, they went to see The Smurfs
Hopefully Colt doesn't end up on teh show "Hoarders", Pleshette also told me (and sent me photographic evidence) that Colt will hide all of his special toys in his little bin where his diapers and wipes are at school.  She said that she seems him taking over small toys and putting them in his box (they are labeled with their names) and then going to get them later.  Guess he doesn't want anyone else to find them and mess them up (now tell me, who does that sound like? Stan?)!

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