Colt: 2 1/2 Year Update

Colt is 2-1/2.  In my mind when I have always thought of a 2-1/2 year old, I envisioned "the terrible 2's".  A screaming, terrorizing, nightmare of a child.  I am SO very thankful to report quite the opposite.  Colt is the most amazing, SMART, funny, compassionate, and independent (read: a tad stubborn) kid and I don't even know where to begin with this update.

Just like my last update, Colt still does NOT stop talking and asking questions. He is now really into follow up questions.  Instead of just "Mom, what is this?", "Mom, what you doing?", it has now turned into "Mom, what is this?" followed by me saying "Colt, that is a picture frame" (enter ANYTHING into this sentence), "Mom, what kind of picture frame is this?'Well Colt, its just a regular picture frame.", "What color is this picture frame?", "Colt, what color do you think this picture frame is?", "Red", "That's right.", "Mom, what is a picture frame for?", "Colt its for holding pictures.", "Mom, what kind of pictures?"  You get the picture.............................
Some other funny/cute sayings or conversations we have had are:

When asked his name, he always responds "Colt Stabler", when given a sticker with roller skates on it he calls them "shoe-cars", when asked about his day at school he ALWAYS responds "I had no accidents" or "I got to play baseball".

My favorite conversation of all time was:
Mom: Colt, guess who I got to talk to today?
Colt: I dunno mom.
Mom:  I got to talk to lala!
Colt:  Where is lala mom?
Mom:  She is in Africa, remember?
Colt:  We going to see her?
Mom:  Maybe so buddy! Do you want to go see her?
Colt: Yes, to tell people about Jesus Mom!

We are always talking about and praying for "La-la".  Colt doesn't exactly know where Africa is, or why Laura is not at Momma Goldberg's when we get there, but he knows that she is telling people about Jesus which I think its really awesome.  We have REAL conversations and I REALLY love every single one of them.


What he Loves:
Dora the Explorer, chocolate milk, "Old McDonald's" (aka McDonald's), Kermit, motorcycles (and everyone seen on a motorcycle is Lee), going to Treetop and IJump, macaroni pizza from Cici's, baseball, BOOKS (especially Bernstein Bears at the moment), stickers, grilled cheeses, apple sauce, Cowboy Woody, Buzz Lightyear, his big boy bed (surrounded by his "friends"), sitting in the front seat of Stan's jeep and pretending to drive, swinging as high and fast as possible on his swing set in the back yard, flossing (don't have a CLUE why), walking around the back yard with Cain picking up sticks, sharing (he will give you his last bite of anything), stickers, his friends at school, "go to Target to get supise" (going to Target to get a surprise for pooping in the potty - its still a big deal daily), singing "The ABC's", "Jingle Bells", and "Bah Bah Black Sheep".

What he Hates:
I honestly can't think of much he hates right now.  My first thought would be having to turn off the lights and go to bed after story-time.  He always is asking to stay up with his night light on and read his books after we tuck him in.  I will let him on the weekends and then about 30 min later I usually find him asleep with his glasses on and a book on his belly.

What he is Learning:
He can put on his socks and shoes by him self and is getting fairly decent at taking clothes on and off (especially for bathroom trips).  He is totally potty trained with the exception of night-time (HALELULIA!).  He still is wearing a night-time pull up but LOOOOOOVES to pick out his big boy undies every morning. He knows all his letters, numbers, and colors.  Learning how to dribble a basketball and

Colt weighs around 30-31lbs I think.  He is wearing mostly 2T clothes and size 8 shoes (although he can still wear pretty much his entire last summer wardrobe which was mostly 18mo.  The shorts are a little shorter but I'm really glad they still fit!!).  He still takes a good nap at school but usually skips it at home.

Eye doctors checkups:
The last eye doctor visit we had, Colt for the first time "read" the eye chart.  It had pictures, not letters.  The doctor said he was seeing 1 less line with this left eye so they suggested a daily eye drop for 2 months in his right eye to strengthen his left eye.  The drops cloud his vision up close a little bit and forces him to use his left eye more.  The side effects of these drops are that one eye is always REEEEEEEEEEALLY dilated.  The drops were a NIGHTMARE the first three mornings, I wasn't sure how I was going to manage these drops for 2 entire months.  I then found the trick to giving Colt eye drops - BRIBERY.  Now, every morning we get in the car goign to school, get in our car seat, and he ASKS for his eye drop.  He ASKS for it because he knows if he leans his head back and opens his eyes wide I will let him watch a Dora video on my iphone on the way to school.  Heck, I can live with a 10 min Dora video as a trade off!!!  We go back in May to re-read the chart and see if they think the drops need to be continued through the summer.

Funny/Other News:
His teacher Pleshette told me one day that Colt likes to come out of the bathroom with no pants on and walk around for as long as he can pants-free.  He will even avoid going near her for as long as possible in hopes that she won't notice he doesn't have any pants on.  We also have started getting weekly updates from his teacher which I LOVE.  They always talk about Colt's very mature sense of humor.


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