Colt: 2 3/4 Years Updates

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Colt aka "Batman" is 2-3/4 (although when asked he tells EVERYONE that he is 2-1/2).

Colt's favorite phrases are: "Why Mom?" (He asks this after EVERYTHING), "I told you so!", "No more yeah mom!" (We have taught him it is bad manners to say "yeah" and that he should say "yes" instead so he constantly corrects us), "Two hands on the wheel mom!", "I got a happy face at school today!", "I'm not Colt Stabler, I'm BATMAN!", "follow me guys".

What he Loves:
BATMAN and SWIMMING.  Also Dora, Jesus Loves Me, chocolate milk, "the macaroni place" (aka McCalisters), motorcycles, big trucks, baseball, "rescue missions" with Dad, reading books, stickers, grilled cheeses (only the cheese, not the bread, he will pick every single piece of cheese off of a grilled cheese and leave the bread on his plate), driving the race car shopping buggies at Publix, running through the sprinklers in the front yard, lemonade, the beach (LOVED the sand this fact would run as fast as he could and just face plant into the sand over and over and over), snuggling with Mom after reading books at night in bed, picking out his own undies in the morning, the water park (wants to go on all the big slides). eating outside on the deck, driving his Jeep (he can FINALLY drive it without running into everything!), go karts, saying his prayers (his prayers start EVERY SINGLE NIGHT with: "dear God, thank you for my friends, my family, my teachers ms pleshette and ms brandy, lala safe in africa."  Then he shakes it up a little each night after that.  He also says the "God is Great" blessing before all our meals and wants to wait until everyone is seated before he begins.

What he Hates:
Losing. Big time.  From losing a race to the car to losing who has the biggest french fry.  We need to work on this.

What he is Learning:
Colt took swim lessons back in May and he is a complete FISH these days.  He can swim all the way across the pool (the short way, not long way).  He can't figure out how to come up for a breath or I think he could swim the long way.  He LOVES to swim at "poppy's pool" and at the Y.  He is a huge show off and if he knows someone is watching him he will try to show out.  He has also learned to count to 10 in Spanish.  There is no way to list what all Colt has learned in the last few months.  Sometimes (all of the time) I forget he is only 2.

I'm not sure what Colt weighs these days, but I'm guessing around 32-35 lbs.  He is wearing mostly 2T clothes and size 8 shoes.  He probably needs a bigger shoe size, the last 2 pairs I bought him are already too snug. 

Eye doctors checkups:
At his last appointment they backed down his eye drops to 2-3 days a week instead of every day.  He actually really does not mind his eye drops at all anymore.  Next appointment is Thursday the 12th.  Now that Colt is getting a little older he does tell me that he sees a lot better with his glasses on.  In fact in the mornings he will ask for them and say "Mom, I need to go get my glasses so I can see better!". UPDATE: Eye doctor is having us continue with drops 3 days a week.  For the first time I REALLY saw Colt struggle with seeing using his left eye.  The doctor put a patch over his right eye and wanted him to read the eye chart.  He immediately got very upset and anxious and I know that he could not see the chart.  He wiggled nervously on the verge of tears in the chair until she finally made the pictures bigger for him to see.  Colt asked me as we were leaving his appointment "Mom, are my eyes getting any better?"

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