Colt - 2 Week Update

This is my first official "blog" post so I figured I would catch everyone up on my end.  Colt and I just got back from Bed Bath and Beyond where we got a wedding gift for a friend of Stan''s.  He does great on our afternoon "errands" but we never get too far from the house and are never gone for more than 2 hours. I''m afraid of the middle of the store scream-fest that I know will come at some point.

So far, staying at home I have been MUCH busier than expected.  The day goes by really fast.  Its 5:30 and time for Daddy to be home before we know it!  I''ve officially become a "night bather" which I used to think was disgusting but now realize why people do it.  There is just not enough time during the day!

As far as Colt goes, he is doing great.  The past 4 nights he has slept between 5-7 hours without waking up.  I hate to brag on that too much because I know it won''t last forever but I am VERY thankful for it right now.  Even though he seems small right now (he weighed 6lbs, 15oz at my mommy support group Tuesday), I have a feeling he is going to be big and strong very soon, the boy eats CONSTANTLY!

More to come soon! We love everyone!!! 

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