Colt: 3 Year Update

I realized this afternoon that I never posted Colt's official 3 year update!! I want to keep doing these so I can go back and print them one day for a book so here goes:

Colt is 3.  He is an AWESOME kid. Stubborn at times (not sure where he got that!?!?) but a great kid.  Loving, caring, FUNNY, creative, talkative and  very SMART.

Colt LOVES to talk.  He does not stop.  He also LOVES to sing.  He can come up with some of the most elaborate and imaginative story lines when playing "batman toys" with Dad.  Some of his favorite phrases are: "Did you know I could do that?", "Hey Mom, come here I want to show you something!", "Hey Dad, can you play batman toys with me?".  He has full on conversations with everyone. Loves to ask "why" and "how" and get full explanations behind everything.

What he Loves:
SUPERHEROES (pretending to be them, playing with them, talking about them, reading about them).  Also singing, reading books, chocolate milk, "the macaroni place" (aka McCalisters), grilled cheeses (only the cheese and 1 side of bread, we have graduated from picking all the cheese off and only eating the cheese at least!), snuggling with Mom, getting dressed for school himself (Mom picks out and lays on bed and he puts everything on), spelling out words that he sees on signs, boxes, menus etc, racing/competition (does not love to lose), laughing, playing outside on his bike or riding in his Jeep.

What he Hates:
Losing his "batman toys" when he gets in trouble.

What he is Learning:
He can count to 39, name all 7 days of the week and 12 months of the year in order, say the full "Pledge of Allegiance" (see video posted a few weeks ago), can spell several words (his name, mom, dad, slow), getting MUCH better at coloring. He is very good at memorization, can recite almost any song if heard once or twice and "read" 1/2 the books on his book shelf (memorized by listening to Stan and I read them).

Weight - 37lbs
Height - 34.5"
He wears mostly 3T clothes and size 9-9.5 shoe. He is fairly average compared to his classmates in height and weight and is around the 50th percentile.

Eye doctors checkups:
I accidently missed our last check-up. Need to reschedule.

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