Colt: 4 Year Update

Well, the birthday WEEK has come to a close and after a full week of celebration, we officially have a 4 year old. He is taking his 4 year old duties a little too seriously at school so I hear from the teachers. He is one of the first to turn 4 so he is making sure everyone knows he is "boss" these days. Going to need to work on that a little. See separate birthday post for all the details of his birthday week and pirate birthday party.

My otherwise sweet boy is the life of everywhere he goes. He has such a funny personality and lights up every room.

Some of his favorite things are:

Peter Pan (he is actually going to be Peter Pan for Halloween this year along with little sis' as Tinker bell), his little sister Sadie (he absolutely LOVES that girl), sticks (my car and house are both full of "awesome" sticks he has collected and must keep), he loves to quote lines from movies (we had to delete Wreck it Ralph from his iPad due to some not 4 year old appropriate lines he was repeating. His favorite place to eat is absolutely Mamma Goldberg's where he always orders "free nachos". He doesn't realize they are free only when new have a coupon which I think is pretty funny. Every time he watches a TV show, reads a book, or tells a "story around the campfire" he must have a prop. For example…..watching Jake he must have his Jake sword for the scenes when Jake is swordfighting so he can act along. When reading a book with superman in it, he must have his superman in his hand so he can fly through the sky at the appropriate moment. As previously mentioned, Colt has really gotten into us as a family at night telling "stories around the campfire". This entails the 4 of us going into Sadie's bedroom, turning off the lights, flipping a stool upside down and putting a pillow on top of it, sitting on the floor and making up stories. Colt has become quite the story teller…….if I can talk him into leaving the lights on one night during story time I will videotape one of his stories. He has quite the imagination and uses big words that he has heard us use before which makes it even more entertaining. He also LOVES bath time with Sadie. They will play and play and both of them usually get mad when I tell them it's time to get out. His life revolves around trying to make Sadie laugh. He loves baseball, traveling, the beach, and the waterpark. He is a daredevil and isnt scared to try ANYTHING. He is a great swimmer and snorkler and soccer player. He is VERY competitive and gets frustrated when he doesnt win. He is all BOY and I love him to death.

We won't go for his actual 4 year old check up to get his height/weight etc until December but for now I know he weighs 36lbs. He weighs himself all the time because he knows at 40lbs he can change to a booster seat which apparently he is REALLY excited about. I will update this post for record keeping in December with official height/weight.

Check our coming update of Jennifer Neely pictures for Colt's official 4 year pictures and Sadies 5.5mo pictures.

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