Happy 1st Month Colt!!!

2009.11.06 001Colt1Minth

Well, today Colt turns 1 month old. I now understand why everyone says "Enjoy them while they are little, it goes by so fast!".  We will weigh in tomorrow but I''m guessing he has officially busted over the 8lb mark (just barely).  He was 7lbs, 12oz last Tuesday.\r\n

We had a big weekend and if you click the pic above you can see some random photos of Colt doing the following:  playing video games with his daddy, shopping at the Moss Rock Festival with his mommy, heading to church for the first time (we only lasted about 25 min), viewing some fall foliage with the family at Cheaha State Park, and some pictures of him in his Bumpo. 

The most exciting moment of the weekend occured last night (Sunday night 11.8.09) when I think he gave us his first REAL SMILE.  We had seen some smiles before but I think they were just reflex smiles while he tooted.  Last night however, he smiled 3 or 4 times in a row and Stan and I lit up!!  The big moment occurred as Stan was making "boop" noises and tapping him on the nose.

I can''t belive we have had this little fellow for a month now.  People ask "Can you even remember your life before you had him?"........ of course I can remember sleeping more than 3 hours at a time, the luxury of showering every day, and margaritas on Friday night but I wouldnt change it for the world.

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