Colt: 5 Month Update

2010.03.09 102.5months

We can not believe Colt is already 5 months old. Here is an update on where we stand these days:

Eating - We have tried "real" food twice now and plan to get into the full swing this weekend. I am still pretty much exclusively breastfeeding him, he gets maybe 1 bottle of formula per day. My goal is to do this until he is 6 months old. I am also planning to make most of his food at home, reference previous posts.

Sleeping - The past week and 1/2 he has not been sleeping very well, I think its a combo of teething and a growth spurt. Our little chunkymonkey weighs about 16lbs and has 2 bottom teeth just ready to punch through the surface at any moment. It cracks me up to even call him "chunky" because he was such a shrimp for so long. He has really beefed up people! Strangers at the park comment on his "fat little arms"!

Daycare - We are on our second daycare. Colt now attends Philadelphia Baptist Church Child Development Center. We (especially me) miss our old teachers at Little Footprints but are beginning to slowly warm up to Mrs. Jerry, Ms. Christina, and Mrs. Shalisa. It took me a week to understand Mrs. Jerry''s name, I hope Colt''s first word is not "hona-child"

Milestones - Colt can sit up on his own and even catch himself pretty well if he starts to get wobbly. I still sit pretty close to him b/c eventually he goes toppling over sideways. He still hates to be on his tummy, I''m afraid he will never crawl. When we attempt to put him on his tummy he immediately rolls over onto his back. No words just yet although Stan and I are convinced that he said "oh yeah" twice in a row one morning we were all snuggling in bed.

What he Loves - This list is very long, what a happy baby he is!! He LOOOOOOOVES the light-up/musical ring stacker toy my mom gave him for Christmas. He takes those rings and throws them across the room and then chews on the top where the button is to make it play music. He loves to snuggle with daddy in the mornings while I get ready for work. He loves to chew on everything - his hands, my face, his blanket, his clothes, his toys, Stan''s nose. He loves to go hiking with us, he will chill out in his little kangaroo pouch all day long. He loves bath time and splashing water everywhere. He loves getting his picture made. He loves ceiling fans, he thinks they are quite possibly the most memorizing thing in the world. He loves Friday-night family pizza night at Salvatore''s.

I know I''m a little biased but Colt seriously is the best and cutest baby I''ve ever been around. (Sorry to all of our friends and family with babies). I can''t wait for all the fun times to come! Click HERE or on the above picture of Colt to see our 5 month photo shoot!


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