Colt: 6 Month Update

2010.04.11 004.6monthphotoshoot

We can not believe Colt is 6 months old already. I mean we are 1/2 way to his first birthday party!
Colt is doing the following now:

Colt is a good eater (hello, look at him!). He loves avocado and carrots I think the best. I have ALMOST stopped nursing him now, I am down to about once a day, but we have b-milk saved up for probably another month. He also loves to try to drink out of a real cup, it's hilarious, he laps it up like a dog and it just spills all down the front of him but he gets ANGRY when you don''t let him at least try. I bought him a sippy cup but he can''t figure out that you have to either lean you head back to get water to come out or tilt the cup up. Maybe I''ll try one with a straw.

Colt has had some major allergy/sinus issues the past few weeks with all this pollen and between his congestion and his teething we have NOT been sleeping very well. He usually ends up in the bed with us by 3 or 4am which I know is terrible, don''t judge.

Colt loves daycare. I know this because when I drop him off he kicks his legs and flaps his arms and can''t wait to get into his jumper. When I pick him up he is always smiling and laughing. Those ladies just LOVE him too. He is still in the first infant class and his teachers are Mrs. Jerry, Mrs. Shalisa, and Mrs. Christina. Mrs. Ruby started this week (we stole her from Colts 1st daycare). Also, the teachers from the other big kid classes come and steal him away alot to play with him.

Although officially it was after his "6 month birthday" Colt HAS A TOOTH! He has been real fussy for about a week, mostly due to his allergies/congestion but last night I noticed he was extra fussy and grabbing at his mouth. When we got ready for bath time I tried to look in his mouth (he won''t ever let you look in his mouth) and saw a glimpse of white! I felt, and sure enough there is a sharp edge of a tooth poking through! He has been sitting up like a champ for a long time now but still hates to be on his tummy. We are working on it. He FINALLY has started rolling from his back to his tummy but only when we MAKE him do it. Reference statement above, he hates being on his tummy.

"Da da da da da da da da da da da da da" over and over and over and over and over.

What he Loves:
He loves anything that lights up and plays music. He thinks it's funny. He still loves the bath and playing with his letters that the Easter bunny brought him. He loves the jumper at daycare and the doorway bouncer and exersauser at home. He still loves to sit in his bumbo although when you pick him up out of it now it gets stuck on his butt and you have to pull it off of him. He also loves the swings at the park. OH, and PATTY CAKE. Oh geez, patty cake can turn any situation into a laugh! He love to hold my hands and clap as we say "patty cake, patty cake"!

I''m not sure what he weighs or how long he is but we will find out at our checkup on Friday!!! I can''t wait!

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