Colt: 7 Months Update

2010.05.10 016.7monthphotoshoot

We are a little late in posting Colt''s 7 month pictures, but here they are along with a summary of what he is doing now!

Colt is officially on all formula now, we made it 7 months to the DAY with b-milk. No problems in the transition. I thought I would really miss the snuggle time with Colt but he is such a momma''s boy and loves to snuggle that it hasn''t bothered either one of us! His favorite foods I think are carrots and sweet potatoes. We have also been giving him (little by little) some regular table food in very small pieces, he seems to like it. He has had scrambled eggs, pancakes, sweet potato fries, steamed carrots, pasta, etc. Also, Publix had buy one get one free baby food a few weeks ago and I stocked up. Still making my own as well but couldn''t beat the BOGO prices and to be honest its easier to take a jar to daycare than something they have to refrigerate.

Colt usually is asleep in bed by about 9:45pm and the past few weeks I have to wake him up to get ready for school in the mornings at 6:30. Weekends you would THINK he would sleep a little later but I think his internal clock has an alarm set for 6:30-6:45.

Colt still loves daycare and daycare still loves Colt. It seriously takes me 20 minutes to pick him up in the afternoons because EVERYONE wants to tell him goodbye.

Colt has 2 teeth (the 2 front bottom ones), we have officially graduated from the baby bathtub and now take big boy baths, we are working on crawling (he will crawl out of his room in no time flat but has yet to figure out how to crawl FORWARDS, he only goes backwards or in circles), and waving (he is getting pretty decent at waving). 

Colt has some very in-depth conversations with himself and with me, however I am not sure what he is talking about. He makes LOTS of sounds and letters and noises but the only thing you can really pick out as "words" is DA DA DA DA DA DA DA. Still his favorite by far.

What he Loves:
Baths, (he would stay in the bath all night if I let him), Peek-a-boo, Daddys hat, the remote control, our cell phones, playing a game where he puts something (his pacifier or his bottle usually) in his mouth, jerks it out, waits for us to laugh at him, and repeat. He could do this for an hour. Oh, and the swings at the park! He LOVES them!

At his 6 month check up (which was really 6-1/2 months) he weighed 18lbs, 6oz and was 27-5/8" long. His head was 17-7/8".

Other news: 

We go for a 2nd opinion with the pediatric opthamologist on Friday morning. If two doctors tell us that Colt needs glasses, we will have them waiting on us downstairs. We ordered them a few weeks ago and if he really does need them, Colt is going to be the coolest kid ever in glasses. Stay tuned.

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