Colt: 8 Month Update

2010.06.09 131.8monthphotoshoot

We have so many pictures to post we can''t get to all of them!!! Here are Colt''s 8 month pictures and his official update. Look at how much he is growing. Our little man is developing his own personality, more and more each day and it is so fun to watch. 

Colt''s favorite foods are the ones I make for him (oh great, I hope he doesn''t get used to a lot of home cookin''!). I don''t know why, but he LOVES the corn, green beans, peas, broccoli, etc that I blend up. He also loves the Gerber "puffs" and Cheerios for snacks. We are still giving him some regular table food in very small pieces and he seems to like it, it makes him feel like a big boy.

Colt has still been going to sleep about 9:45pm and waking up at 6:30am. HOWEVER, we have had a break through in the last 2 days and we may possibly be backing up his bed-time to 9pm! 

Still going very well, Colt has recruited his buddy Parker from his first daycare and they will be reunited August 1st. We are looking forward to that! 

Colt still only has 2 teeth (the 2 front bottom ones). We are still working on crawling in a forward direction (he can go ANYWHERE backwards and turn himself in circles to get anything he needs/wants but has yet to figure out the forward motion). In the last 2 weeks he has really started trying to pull himself up on everything (this has led to lots of bumped faces/heads but he is tough). He will stand by himself for about a minute holding on to the table, couch, our leg, etc but then looses balance and/or interest.

Colt has really started talking to us a lot. Still "da da da da" and "ba ba ba ba" mostly but it cracks me up how he will "talk" to us and then wait for us to respond and then "talk" back. He is really trying to carry on a conversation. 

What he Loves:
Baths, looking at himself in the mirror, standing up, playing with the pots, pans and spatulas in the kitchen, going on wagon rides (although I caught him standing up a few times and it now makes me nervous), playing his piano, taking off his glasses and banging them on his car seat, his new pool float (he stayed in his float for 3 HOURS last Saturday while visiting a friend), the blow up pool at Nana''s house (maybe because she puts bubbles in it and feeds him popsicles while he plays with all his toys - haha), "eating" Stan and I (I hope we don''t have a biter on our hands!).

No update until his 9 month check up. Check back July 12th. (Although, at his doctors apointment yesterday for his rash he weighed 20lbs with all his clothes on.)

Other News:
Colt stayed with Nanna and then with Grandmommy and Aunt Susan for almost a week while Stan and I went to Puerto Rico. He had so much fun and was completely spoiled the entire time we were gone. My mom did an awesome job at sending us camera phone picture updates and then while Colt stayed with Stan''s mom and Susan we usually got to see him on a video conference at night! Oh technology, what would we do without you!? Thanks to ALL parties involved in our vacation!!!!

Can''t wait to see what his 9 month post will bring!! Stay tuned everyone!

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