Colt: 9 Month Update

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I seriously can''t belive we just scheduled Colt''s 1 year check up, it is freaking me out a little bit but in the meantime please enjoy is 9 month pictures and his 9 month update:

Colt is really doing well on the eating front. He pretty much will eat anything that we eat in small pieces. Some of his favorite items at home are cheese cubes, hot dogs, broccoli and carrots. He loves to eat rice and beans when we go eat Mexican on Friday nights and also love to suck on lemons (weird, we know!). He now only drops about 15-20% of it off the table instead of 75%. Progress people!

Colt has still been going to sleep about 9:30pm and then I usually wake him up at 6:30am. No changes really.

We are in the process of moving up to the next class called the "creeper" class. The creeper class is for the 10-14 month old kids. Colt is the oldest one in his current infant class and keeps escaping the room as well as crawling all over the other little babies. We tested out the creeper class one day last week and they said he did GREAT (besides getting hit in the head with a block). He would be the only one in that class that isn''t walking yet so maybe he would learn by watching the others!

Colt has about 4 top teeth coming in all at the same time right now. THANK YOU INFANT TYLENOL! He has also in the past month MASTERED crawling. You all have seen the video, yes, he still crawls like a wounded soldier but he can crawl anywhere at the speed of lightning. Sometimes I sit him on the floor and look back 10 seconds later and he is already crawling to look out the back door to find the dogs, crawling to find toys, crawling to find the nearest electrical outlet, crawling to pull out all the pots and pans from under the stove, or crawling to yes, the dog food bowls. I''ve really had to start watching what we put under the coffee tables and on the floor these days because Colt WILL find it and he WILL either put it in his mouth or pull it out to play with. He pulls up on everything and can stand for a pretty good length of time whole holding on. He has taken a few steps while holding onto things, but probably on accident or while trying to catch his balance. I wouldn''t call him "cruising" just yet.

Colt talks alot. He still mostly talks about "da da da" or "ba ba ba". He was talking so much this morning in the waiting room of the doctors office that everyone was laughing at him. He really has something to say, we just aren''t sure what just yet.

What he Loves:
The zoo, taking baths, the pool, laughing, getting attention, the park, toys that sing, make noise, or light up.


Weight: 21lbs, 20z – (50-75 percentile)

Length: 29-1/2" – (75-100 percentile)

Head Circumference: 18-1/2" – (90th percentile – yeah, he is pretty smart)

Other Random News:

Colt has graduated from the infant car seat in Stan''s car.

To make him laugh, I sometimes do a big dramatic sneeze. He now imitates me constantly and has the ladies at daycare thinking he is choking, he makes a terrible weird noise and thinks its really funny.

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