Finley: 2 Month Update

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Once Susan finishes the update, I'll post here but wanted to go ahead and share the pictures of Finley at 2 months!
From Susan:

Five Weeks:
Slept from 11pm – 6:30am last night!!
We can get her to smile now, she is getting about 1 formula bottle per day (which is usually the middle of the night bottle) and eats 4oz every 2-3 hours in a day

Six Weeks:
Waking up once a night to eat, smiles A LOT, wants to be held by mom 24 hours a day, can sit in Bumbo but not for too long before she slumps over, wearing 3mo clothes, size 1 diapers, loves to be swaddled at night.

Eight Weeks:
Finley has had a full 8 weeks. So far, the girl has been a patient at the ER, been on 2 separate beach trips, can roll from front to back (she is a phantom roller, I’ve never actually SEEN her roll but I will come back after 30 seconds of leaving her on the floor or bed and she will be on her back).

She has slept through the night a few times, but still sleeping in her rock and play in mom and dads room. The goal for this week is to transition her to her crib. So far, she really seems to hate it. She still has a bad raspy cough (leftover from the mess that sent us to the ER while at the beach), she is starting to laugh quite a bit, loves her passie.
At her 2 month checkup she is still showing at about the 50th percentile in weight and 95th percentile in height.


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