Finley - 3 Month Update

2015.07.19 025.Finley3Months

Finley is already 3 months old! She is starting to smile and laugh much more, especially at her older brother and sister. Check out some pics of her at 3 months!

Here's what she's been up to over the last month.

Ten Weeks:
Went to school for the first time this week, sleeping through the night IF I am right next to her to insert her passie, laughs a lot when tickled, loves baths, loves the baby bjorn.

Eleven Weeks:
She has some sort of growth spurt going on, I have a hungry girl on my hands! Most of her bottles are 5oz and sometimes she can’t wait 3 hours between bottles, more like 2. Not a lot of new activities this week other than starting school! I’ve had great reports every day from school, they really seem to love her there!

Twelve Weeks:
I just LOVE Finley’s WIDE OPEN mouth laugh….she is “talking” and smiling and laughing a lot. Sadie is getting MUCH better with her….(less hitting).


0 #1 Aunt Steph 2015-08-10 23:59
The one of Colt helping her make a face is a classic!

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