Finley - 1 Month Update

2015.05.21 020.finleyonemonth

Finley is 2 months old, so thought we'd share her 1 month pictures!  We are a little behind on the updates but working to catch up.

Here's what Finley's been up to:

Three Weeks:

Her cord fell off at 18 days and we couldn’t find it anywhere!

She slept from 11pm-5am once – YIPPIE!

My new favorite part of the “day” is around midnight….waiting on one last Finley feeding before putting her to bed, having a glass of wine, catching up on The Voice, and staring at Finley in the glow from the TV. Seems to be the only “me” time I get these days.

She is still wearing her nb or 0-3mo clothes and has super long skinny toes.

Sadie is starting to warm up to her slightly….she will ask to hold her but the second she shows any signs of crying she says “No no no no no cry baby Fefe!!!”.

Four Weeks:

Her typical last feeding is around 11pm and she wakes up at 4:30 and 6:30 to eat.

She has HUGE crazy eyes and seems to be able to focus on faces now.

She giggles in her sleep A LOT and has had a few “smiles” but I can’t tell if they are real or not just yet!

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