Finley 6 Month Update

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6 month update:

Finley has finally turned into a VERY VERY VERY happy baby.  She is constantly smiling and laughing and giggling.  Her little belly laugh is the cutest thing in the world and you will do anything to make her laugh.  She is very easy going and tags along for just about everything these days. 

Finley is a good eater, she is just now trying food other than oatmeal and absolutely LOVES it.  She kicks her feed when she knows it’s time to eat and sees me preparing it.  I think her favorite is carrots.  She also drinks 5 6-7oz bottles per day.  I see that Colt and Sadie both were interested in a sippie cup at 6 months, I guess I may need to break those out and see if she wants to give one a try!  She still eats in the bumbo on the kitchen table but is about to outgrow it, as she gets stuck pretty much every time!

Great sleeper at the moment.  She goes to sleep about 9pm and wakes up about 6:15am when I get her up for school!

Finley loves daycare and her teachers LOVE her.  They say she laughs at them all day long.  She is still in the infant 1 class. 

She has been sitting up like a champ for maybe a little over a week or 2 now and loves to sit in the floor and play with toys.  She looks so proud of herself when you look at her sitting up.  She will eventually topple over and you have to sit her back up.  No teeth yet.

Nothing yet.

What she Loves:
She loves the bath, attention from Colt and Sadie, the doorway jumper, the exersauser, laughing, giggling, pretending to eat her and munch on her neck/cheecks (a sure fire belly laugh out of this every time), eating paper

I’m not sure what she weighs or how long she is yet, her 6 month check up with actually be more like a 7 month check up.  Sorry. She is wearing 6-9month clothes mostly (although I’ve put her in some 12 month clothes that fit too!) and a size 3 diaper. 


Has a huge poop every single morning on the way to school.  I swear the teachers think I just bring her dirty every day.

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