Finley: 7 Month Update


Finley loves FOOD.  She has almost gotten to where she prefers baby food over her formula, haven’t found anything she does not like.  I think her favorite is carrots.  She has also had a few little finger food type things (pasta, little bit of meat, small veggies) but she isn’t great at getting it to her mouth just yet.



She continues to be a GREAT sleeper.  To bed about 9pm (right after her last bottle), I usually wake her up for school about 6:30am.



Two bottom teeth!

On her hands and knees ready to crawl ANY day.

No talking just yet but we are really working on “mama”, I’m determined to have one kid say it before “dada”!


What she loves:

Red (tugging on, chewing on, laying on, sitting under), baths with big sister, food (see above) and Mom!

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