Finley: 8 Month Update


Still a really good eater and haven’t found anything she does not seem to like.  She has tried a little more table food these days, and has started eating table food at school too.  They said she LOVES the chicken and dumplins’ (who doesn’t!?!?).  She will drink about 5ea 6oz bottles in a day and “eat” twice.  Usually once at school and once at home. Gotten pretty good at “puffs” too and they keep her entertained when we go out to eat.  She is still using her bumbo but I need to figure out a better high-chair situation, as she keeps getting her booty stuck in it!  I’ve tried to get her to drink out of a sippie cup but she doesn’t seem to get it yet.


Nothing new, although we have started to put her (and everyone) to bed a little earlier…..goal is around 8pm instead of 9pm now.  Finley is always last to bed, as I usually feed her a bottle once everyone has hit the hay for the night.



CRAWLING!  She started crawling about a week before her official 8 month point.  Girl is FAST.

FIRST WORD……..drum roll please……………”MAMA”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What She Loves:

Anything she can put in her mouth and chew on.  PAPER. Taking a bath with Sadie, Red-dog, her passie, crawling and getting into everything (she loves to crawl to the kitchen and sit in the pantry for some reason, there always seems to be something to chew on in there).



No real update here, I believe her next appointment is at 9months.  However, she has been sick a good bit lately (ear infections, high fevers, a cold, etc) and we did get a weigh-in of 20lbs at one of her doctor’s appointments around 7-1/2 months.  She is wearing 12mo clothes

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