Finley: 18 Month Update

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Finley is now 18 months old and turning into her own little person.  She is almost as stubborn and independent as Sadie, I have a feeling these two will be peas in a pod for a long time.



Girl loves to eat.  I honestly can’t think of anything she won’t eat.  She really likes watermelon, macaroni (any pasta really), yogurt, oatmeal, cheerios (any cereal actually).  If someone has something to eat that she does not she constantly said “BITE! BITE! BITE” until we give in.  She can drink out of a cup for a little bit, then typically dumps it on her head.  We have never had a high-chair with her, she just sits in her booster seat at the regular table.  



Best sleeper award! (Although I actually have never had a bad sleeper.)  She goes to sleep between 8-9 most nights and Sadie wakes her up about 6:30am for school by climbing into her crib.  Weekends she is always the last one up!  



She has the absolute sweetest and cutest “thank you” you’ve ever heard.  It will stop people in the middle of Target to look at her and smile.  I HAVE to get it on video.  A few of her favorites are:  “NO!”, “Bye Bye”, “Bite”, “Snack”, and “Bath”.

She also makes lots of animal sounds.  I think she counts to 2 but I can’t really tell that she knows any of her colors just yet.


What she Loves:

Sharpie markers (and writing on the fridge, the floor, and herself), Red-dog, taking baths, Minnie Mouse, MOM (currently going through a bit of some mom-attachment issues!), balls, jumping, climbing up and then going down slides, the song “She’s A Lady” in the car, dancing, brushing her teeth.  She is VERY funny. She also sings along to “Hot Dog” and “Oh TOOOOOOODLES” from Minnie Mouse which is super cute.


What she Hates:

Going to the doctor, strangers (she won’t dare go up to a stranger, most of the time if someone tries to talk to her at a store/restaurant she immediately turns away from them and gives me a mean face), and riding in the stroller for longer than 25 seconds.  She also does NOT do well without some sort of afternoon nap and simply MUST having something to eat when we get home from school or she is in a terrible mood.



We just had our 18 month checkup (fist bump - actually ON TIME!):

She is 34” long, 29 pounds, 12oz, and has a 19” noggin.  She is in the 98th percentile for both height and weight. 

She wears a 2T in most clothes, unless they have been previously “loved” by Sadie (or washed by mom); which in that case she can also wear a few 3T’s.  Her size 7 shoes are too tight so I would say she really wears a 7.5.  She is also sporting a size 5 diaper and has I think 12 teeth?


More next month! (Maybe)

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