Sadie - 23 Months

23 Months:

Sadie LOVES to sing "Sadie Songs" in the car with Colt.  A few of her favorites are "Skidamirink a dink a dink", "Row Row Row your Boat" and "Elmo Song".  She gets in the car and immediately starts yelling "DINK DINK MOM! DINK DINK! SA-SA SONGS!!!"

Since moving into our new house, she also loves to take a bath in mom and dads big bathtub but does NOT like the jacuzzi bubbles at all.  Colt loves them so he is always trying to talk her into turning them on.  She loves sitting in my lap and getting her hair done in pigtails (or braids or anything as long as I'm fixing her hair), she also likes to "fix" mom's hair but that usually means her being pretty rough with the hairbrush around my head.  She is always counting the steps as she goes up and down them, LOVES to play outside and is very independent and keeps up with all the big neighbor kids, loves cheese dip, sitting on moms bathroom counter while she does make up, has a strange obsession with wipes and always wants a wipe to wipe off her face.

Hates BUGS and POOPING. Sucks her thumb when she is tired.

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