Sadie: 7 Week Update

2013.06.18 005.sadies7weekcheckup

Sadie had her 7 week doctor check up this morning.  It went great.  She is one happy and healthy little girl. 

Her official stats:

Weight - 12lbs, 3oz and 95th percentile! (as a comparison Colt was 9lbs, 10oz at this check up)

Height - 22.6" and 50th percentile (as a comparison Colt was 22" long at this check up)

Head - 15.3" and 75th percentile

She had several shots today which she was NOT happy about at all.  Her face turned bright red and she couldn't even get a scream out of her mouth at first.  When the nurse finished and told me I could hold her she immediately stopped and looked at me and smiled.  Love this girl.  She fell back asleep after her appointment and is actually still asleep as I type this. 

She is eating about 4oz every TWO HOURS right now and the doctor told us to go ahead and let her try to eat more at each feeding in hopes that 2 hours becomes 3 or 4.  One MAJOR accomplishment of the day (or night actually) was that she slept from 10:30-5:30!!!!!! Doctor also said he will keep a close watch on her eyes since Colt's eye issues are hereditary.  He said everything looked PERFECT right now but that we would just keep monitoring her along the way.  Next appointment will be at 4 months! 

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