Sadie: 6 Week Update

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Sadie is 6 weeks old. I wanted to give everyone a quick timeline update and summary of the last 6 crazy weeks of our life as a family of 4!

4.27 - We left the hospital, she had a slight fever so the doctor asked us to check in with the pediatrician on Sunday.  She had also lost quite a bit of weight (she left the hospital at 7lbs, 6oz) so he wanted to check that also.  Her first night home she slept in the chair with me from 10pm-2am and then in her crib from 2am-5am.  She probably would have slept longer but I made her eat at 2am! I hope she is a good sleeper just like Colt was!!!! !

4.28 - Checked in with the doctor.  Her temperature was back to normal but she was down to 7lbs, 1oz.  She had lost almost a whole pound.  Obviously our feeding situation wasn't working out so well.  Nursing had become very painful and not fun for either of us.  Doctor suggested that I started pumping for a few days.  He wanted us to come back in 2 days to check her weight. 

4.30 - Back to 7lbs, 7oz! Pumping was working out much better!

5.1 - First bath by dad and colt - see previous post for pictures!

5.8 - 2 week check up!  Weighed 8lbs, 1oz and had grown to 20 3/4" long.  Head measured 14-1".

5.9 - We hit a milestone of at least a little bit of sleep.  Before now, she would wake up every 2 hours ON THE DOT.  You could set an alarm clock by her.  All she wanted to do was EAT but when it came time to eat, you better have a bottle READY!  This night she slept 11-3 and then 3:30-6:30. 

5.14 - 8lbs, 15oz

5.16 - Cord falls off! Colt and I were sitting on the couch and he had a horrified look on his face.  He pointed at her foot and said "Mom what is THAT!!!!"  It looked like a raisin on her toe but it was just her cord that had fallen off!

5.21 - 9lbs, 15 oz

5.27- 10lbs, 8oz

Generally Sadie (aka Sadie Bear, Sadie Bug, Sadie Girl) is a really good baby.  Its hard to tell her personality yet because although she has started smiling, it is pretty infrequent to date.  She generally sleeps from about 10-1 and then 1:30-5.  At 5 I usually just end up staying up with her and napping myself on the couch until its time to wake up Colt to go to school.  We get him ready about 6:45 and send Dad and Colt off for the day around 7:15.  Sadie and I usually sneak in another good nap before lunch and then try to get out and about after lunch.  She eats A LOT, about every 2 hours during the day.  She eats 4oz every time.  She grunts ALOT.  She takes a bath in her infant bathtub set inside Colt's bath and poops in it every single night.  She loves bath time and so does Colt.  She has had some kind of rash on her face/arms/chest for the last few weeks but I think its related to the HEAT.  It seems to be doing a little better now but the girl is a hot sweaty MESS in this heat.  We have even started packing her a cool towel when we leave in Dad's Jeep. 

Colt is an AMAZING big brother, I hope he stays as sweet and helpful and protective of her his whole life.  The other day I heard Colt in the back seat of the car trying to calm her down by saying "I'll be with you Sadie and never leave you, I will never get dead Sadie, OK?" HAHA. He also loves to pick flowers for both Sadie and I.  He talks to her in a sweet little voice and always wants to cuddle and kiss her.  Some of the conversations I hear him having with her melt my heart.

I go back to work in July, although I say I am bored at home I will really miss just sitting and staring at this little girl all day long. 


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