Sadie: 3 Month Update

2013.07.27 016.sadie3months

I just can't get over how happy and content my "Sadie-girl" is. Since turning 8 weeks old she goes to bed about 9pm and she wakes up between 6-7am very consistantly. She has even been known to sleep until 8:30 a time or two on the weekends. A few mornings a week I have to wake her up but 75% of the time she gets up as I'm getting ready for work in the am. We usually "talk" and laugh while I get ready and then she eats before we get big brother Colt up for school.
She loves her bumbo, the weird face looking thing that hangs from the extra car seat we keep in the bathroom (don't ask, there aren't a lot of options for putting her down in something yet), being tickled, sucking her thumb, taking a bath with big brother, eating, Interacting with colt (she laughs at him a lot), and being in the pool. She always has a smile on her face.
She hates being on her tummy, I remember that Colt did too. My bet is that she will sit up before she even can roll over. I bet I can count the times she has even been on her tummy for more than 3 min.
She has a serious mohawk that won't go down. When watching her on the video camera at school I can always pick her out of all the babies by looking for her mohawk.

She is wearing a size 2 diaper and mostly 3-6 mo clothes (some 6 month clothes). She eats about 6 times a day,5 oz each time. Not sure what she weighs but I belive we go to the doctor this month for a check up.

She is such an easy going baby at the moment, I hope she stays that way. The girl is a week away from her second trip to the beach, she has been in a cave, been to a museum, the zoo, the pool, several baseball games, several movies at the theatre, we just take her everywhere and she loves it! Cant wait to see what next month brings!!

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