Sadie: 6 Month Update

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We are half way to Sadie's first BIRTHDAY. Oh my goodness where has the last 6 months gone?

Sadie is quite possibly the easiest going, BEST baby in the world.  Poor girl will go anywhere and do ANYTHING without a care in the world.  She has now added camping (in a tent and sleeping bag all night) to her list of adventures with big brother.

Here is a summary of what she is doing lately:

Sadie is a GREAT eater (hello, look at those gorgeous rolls!).   She has tried everything that Gerber makes and seems to love them all equally.  Nothing has stood out as her favorite……just the act of EATING is her favorite.  She is tending to rather have food than a bottle these days which I need to ask the pediatrician about.  Since I only nursed her for 3 months, she has been on straight formula since then and we added FOOD about a month ago. 
She seemed to be very interested in drinking from a cup so I bought her a few versions of sippie cups but she can't quite figure them out yet. 

They ask me at daycare if she sleeps through the night because she sleeps so much at school.  The answer is still YES.  Sadie has slept through the night every single night since she was 8 weeks old.  She goes down so easy, even WIDE AWAKE when I put her in that bed she doesn't make another peep!  There are nights I hear her on the monitor coughing or talking to herself but she always goes right back to sleep. Her typical routine is bath with brother about 8, story-time about 8:30 with Colt, bedtime bottle about 8:45/9:00 then bed. 

We have a sitter!!!  She officially started sitting up on her own with no help for long periods of time this week.  She LOVES to sit on the floor and play with her toys.  You can tell she is just so proud of herself.  I've also noticed her trying to get up on all 4's the last few days…….I hope crawling isn't in the near future!! I kind of like sitting her down in 1 place to play.

No teeth yet but something is brewing in there for sure.  She CONSTANTLY has those fingers/fists in her mouth chewing.

Nothing yet, more just babbles and LOTS AND LOTS of laughing and smiling.

What she Loves:
COLT, bath-time with Colt, playing peek-a-boo (she does it herself covering her eyes), patty cake (especially when Colt does it!), the jumperoo at school, exersaucer at home, doorway jumper at home, her lamb "lovie" from the neighbors, wearing warm footed PJ's, tagging along in the carrier thingy strapped to mom or dad,

27.4" – Height (95th %)

19lbs, 8oz – Weight (100th % +)

17.4" - Head 

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