Sadie: 7 Month Update

Susan wrote Sadie's 7 Month update a couple months ago. The guy that runs this site forgot to post it. So, without further adieu....

We are OVER half way to Sadie turning ONE. 

Here is a summary of what she is doing lately:

No real update other than she is now snacking on cheerios and gerber puffs. She has also started to eat a little more "real" table food cut/mushed up. I need to pull down her highchair from the attic as she is about to be too big for the bumbo sitting on the table for meal time. Still drinks 4 or 5 6oz bottles a day but don't DARE try to give her a cold one. She is rather picking about the temperature and won't drink it unless its nice and warm!

No real update, still a solid 9pm -6:30/7am sleeper!

Sitting up like a champ and starting to lean over like she wants to transition to a crawl but no movement yet.

STILL no teeth but chews on everything.

No real wods yet, "ba" might mean bath but I'm not 100% sure. She gets super excited and yells "ba ba ba ba ba" at bath time though. Lots and lots of laughing, smiling and babbling.

What she Loves:
COLT, RED, and BATHS. She also has a new facination with PAPER. Chewing on it, playing with it, crumpling it. She loves playing in the bath with colt and does so without her bumbo anymore. When the water fills up to about her belly button she is really in heaven kicking her feet and flapping her arms. Its also a time where she gets to "play" superheros with Colt which she loves. (Aka, Sadie chewing on superman while Colt has a full on battle in the air.) She loves to be very lightly tickled under the chin and armpits, it cracks her up. When upset or sleepy she loves to be snug up touching face to face with you singing softly into hear ear. She also loves "kiss attacks" which is quicky kisses all over her face and belly. She is very affectionate and loves affection.

What she Hates:
When you take something away from her that she wants or is playing with. Pooping, girl has poop issues for sure.

Other notes:
We took Sadie for an official eye exam and she is GOOD TO GO! NO glasses for this little lady! However, poor thing is on her 3rd ear infection and has been really congested and wheezy for a few months now. I've already taken her to the doctor more than i've ever taken Colt. Last doctor visit she weighed 20lbs, 3oz.

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