Sadie: 8 Month Update

2014.01.01 100.sadie8months

Here is a quick 8 month update on our Sadie girl:

Still loves warm bottles and eats 4 or 5 6oz bottles a day. She eats 2-3 gerber natural "jar" foods per day and is picking up a little more "real" table food. Girl is lazy and won't dare touch her bottle to try to feed herself, she would much prefer you to learn her back and serve it up to her. So far we havent found any food she doesnt like. I hope she is a good eater like Colt and not too picky.

No real update, still a solid 9pm -6:30/7am sleeper! She has grown fond of a little elephant binky type thing from the neighbors that she holds tight until she gets to sleep most nights.

Sadie is a ninji scooter. She can get anywhere without you even noticing. You sit her down in one place and 30 seconds later you look up and she is 1/2 way across the room sititng playing with something else. She is transitioning over from sitting into crawling position on her tummy but really only scoots herself backwards on her stomach, hasnt figured out to move her legs to propel herself forward yet. 

No teeth at her official 8 month but she got her very first tooth about 3 days later on 12.28.13. 

Of course, "Da Da" wins out again as Sadie's first word. I also think she calls out to Red (the dog) with a very specific sound. She says "Do Do Do". "Ba Ba Ba" still means bath I think. 

What she Loves:
COLT, RED, BATHS, PAPER. Kisses, snuggles, lots of attention, patty cake, being tickled. She loves her new "busy box" I guess its called from Santa.

What she Hates:
Being buckled into her carseat (she is fine after about 2 min but the process of buckling isnt exactly fun), when you take something away from her that she wants or is playing with, and pooping. We've started the poor thing on Miralax because she is having some issues pooping.

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