Sadie: 9 Month Update

2014.02.16 008.sadie

Here is a quick 9 month update on our Sadie girl:

Loves her warm bottles (4 or 5 6oz bottles a day) and her baby mooshed up food but has been adding alot more table food to her daily routine. She is liking her straw sippie cup more and more every day and also LOVES drinking Propel flavored water out of its plastic bottle but spills it all over herself when trying to drink it. She also loves to be able to feed herself with the "real" food.

Solid 9pm -6:30/7am sleeper, no changes. Naps usually in afternoon but nothig really on schedule which i like. We have never been the types to let naptime drive our entire day.

We have a one legged crawler, just like Colt used to do!! Also finally sporting two new bottom teeth, pulling up to her knees but mowhere near standing on her own yet.

"Da Da", "Ma Ma", "Do" = Dog, "Ba Ba Ba" = Bath 

What she Loves:
Chewing on her toothbrush, eating paper/napkins, playing with magnets on the fridge, Colt, Red, baths, eating, kisses, snuggles, lots of attention, patty cake, peek a boo, being tickled, dancing, crawling. 

What she Hates:
Pooping. I've come to the conclusion its not because of any other reason except that she just does not like the pooping process. Very weird. 

She is wearing size 12mo clothes, size 3 diapers (could probobly go to a 4).

Height: 28-1/4"

Weight: 21lbs, 11.5oz

Head: 18"

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