Sadie: 10 Month Update

Here is a 10 month update on our Sadie girl:

She is down to 4 6oz bottles of formula per day but is actually refusing her mid-day bottle at school. I'm not sure if its because she is FULL and doesnt want it or because she would rather have it from a sippie cup. She gets SO excited over her sippie cup of juice. She is now eating regular breakfast and lunch off the school menu and they say she can't get enough. She LOVES real food and loves eating whatever the "big kids" are eating. No more baby food for this gal. Actually I have an entire pantry full of gerber baby food that I may just donate to her school.

Solid 9pm -6:30/7am sleeper, no changes. Naps usually in afternoon but nothig really on schedule which i like. We have never been the types to let naptime drive our entire day. In Sadie's new class (Infant 3) they typically take 1 long nap right after lunch which seems to work.

We have a FULL SPEED crawler now but also have added pulling up on just about EVERYTHING and taking a few steps while holding on. I feel like she will walk before her first birthday for sure. She has a weird snaggle tooth on the top row to the right of her middle two teeth. Slightly vampire looking but cute. 

Pretty much the same offical "words" as last month but she is really trying to say alot of other words I can't quite figure out yet. I THINK we have "da du" which I belive is "thank you" - she thinks its really funny to hand you something and make a big deal about saying thank you.

What she Loves:
DANCING:(every time she hears musis she starts flapping her arms and bopping up and down), standing up at the back door "talking" to the dog through the door, "brushing" her hair, chewing on her toothbrush, eating anything off the floor including dog food, Colt, Red, baths, EATING, juice from her sippie cup, kisses, snuggles, lots of attention, patty cake, peek a boo, being tickled, dancing, crawling.

What she Hates:
Pooping and being hungry.

She is wearing size 12-18mo clothes, size 3 diapers (only because i have a huge box left to use, she actually wears a size 5 at school).

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