Sadie: 11 Month Update

2014.03.25 030.sadie11months

ONE more month until Sadie is ONE year old! I can't belive it. Where has the time gone!?

She is down to 4 6oz bottles of formula per day but is actually refusing her bottles at school and just wants her sippie cup and REAL food. I'm pretty dang excited about formula becoming extinct in our house. Over the next few weeks I will try to mix in whole milk in lieu of formula wth the intent around her birthday she will be on all milk instead of forumla. WOOP WOOP! Mamma's getting a pay raise! She eats what we eat at all meals pretty much and I try to keep her with mostly healthy fruits, veggies, chicken, etc. She will eat ANYTHING and loves a good ice cream treat!

We have attempted to back her bed time up to about 8:30 because she was going down-hill pretty fast about this time every night. I wake her up at about 6:45 on work-days and she will sleep till 8 or 8:30 on weekends. Colt is always up before her. In her new class at school they are working on scheduling naps rigt after lunch which seems to work fairly well for them. She is exactly like Colt in that she is not a fan of naps at home on the weekend. Colt never was either, I'm ok witht it. 

We have a monkey on our hands who climbs on EVERYTHING. She also pulls up, stands, and cruises around furniture now. She won't dare let go just yet but is half way there with 1 hand letting go for now. We have balanced out her vampire tooth with another top tooth for a total of 4 now. She also has started pointing at everything to show you things.

"Ma-Ma", "Da-Da", "Dog", "Da Du" (thank you), pretty much the same offical "words" as last month but she is really trying to say alot of other words I can't quite figure out yet. 

What she Loves:
DANCING, brushing her hair, necklaces (wearing them, playing with them, holding them), bathtime, BOOKS (Don't you DARE put her to bed without reading a book. You also won't get out of her bedroom without reading a book every time you change her diaper, or go in to grab something.), going down the slide with Colt at the park, the SWINGS at the park, cars that roll on the floor, sticking our her tongue, RED (talkig to him, looking for him, kissing him, climbing on him, etc), FOOD (anything and everything) and crawling up the steps from the basement to the den (she is so proud of her self at the top).

What she Hates:
Pooping (getting better), not having her way (she is turning into a slight diva I'm afraid), and being hungry.

She is wearing size 18mo clothes and size 4 diapers (size 5 at school). We will have official 1 year stats next month. I'm fairly certain she is still in the top of the bracket on height and weight.

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