Sadie: 1 Year Update

2014.04.26 081.sadie1stbirthday

Its official, Sadie is ONE! We had a big time at her Pink Lemonade party last weekend. Thanks to all our friends and family who came to celebrate this sassy little girl turning 1!

Eating: She is officially on milk which you would think is a pay raise for mom. Nope, girl drinks a gallon of the expensive organic milk every week so its about the same cost as formula. I am thankful however there are no more bottles to clean and prepare for school every morning, as she is drinking now solely out of her sippie cup. She loves ALL food and loves to EAT. She pretty much eats what we eat and also eats off the menu at school for breakfast, lunch, and snack. Some of her favorite foods include watermelon (loves to get a huge piece and just munch and munch on it getting herself and everything around her filthy), cheese, deli meat, chicken, strawberries, blueberries and raisins.

Sleeping: She gets pretty sleepy about 8:30 but we have trouble getting her into bed by then. Usually by 9 I'm singing her "You are My Sunshine", saying our prayers, reading a book and having our final milk for the night. In bed asleep by about 9:15. I wake her up at about 6:45 on work-days and she will sleep till 8 or 8:30 on weekends. Colt is always up before her and loves to come with me to wake her up and get her out of bed. Most weekends he climbs in bed with her and they read books together.

Milestones: She is stil not walking unassisted but is so close. Cruises around all the furniture and between furniture but just won't let go on her own just yet. She loves climbing the stairs and getting caught mid-way up. She thinks it is hilarious. She also pulls up, stands, and cruises around furniture now. She has 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth. She can point to her eyes (and can also claw out moms eyes when pointing at them), ears, nose, and teeth.


Although her go-to standard mode of communication is pointing to everything and grunting, she does have a few "words":




"Da Du" (thank you)

"Ba" (ball)

"La La" (I think this really doubles for multiple words.....but the one I love most is LOVE YOU)

What she Loves: Dancing/music (her favorite dance tune is Katy Perry's Dark Horse (haha)), sucking her thumb (this is new this month), giving kisses (open mouth always), giving high 5's, clapping, blowing kisses, swinging at the park, going down (and up) the slide at the park, climbing and being on top of everything, all things girly (brushing her hair, necklaces, hair bows), bathtime, reading books, dogs (including her favorite dog RED of course), food, crawling up the steps and getting caught (she thinks its hilarious), sippie cups with straws, trying to catch balls (she is actually kind of good!), being tickled, her buddies at school - especially ELLA (the teachers say they play together all day long and get into trouble together already!).

What she Hates: Pooping (the doctor has finally seen her poop situation and has refered us to a pediatric GI doctor), not having her way (her version of stomping off when she doesnt get her way is immediatly dropping to the floor putting her head on the floor), going to the doctor (upon entering the doctors office she IMMEDIATLEY has a death grip on me and starts crying, sippie cups that dont have a straw (she gets mad and frustrated).

Stats: She is wearing size 18mo clothes (has a few 24 mo hand-me-downs) and size 4 diapers (size 5 at school). 

Height - 30-1/4" - 90th percentile (Colt was 29-3/4")
Weight - 23lbs, 14oz - 90-95th percentile (Colt was 23lbs, 1.5oz)
Head - 18.5" - 95th percentile (Colt was 17-7/8)

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