Sadie: 13 Month Update

Sadie is 13 months old now. She has a mind of her own and is going to be one tough cookie. Here is her update:

Whole milk from sippie cup, pretty much eats what we eat. She wants to try really hard with using a spoon and fork but typically spills more than she makes into her mouth. She usually eats more than Colt, we try getting them to share when we go out to eat but she is starting to need/want her own order! When she is finished eating she will let you know by just tossing the rest of her food on the floor. Thanks Sadie. Insert Red for clean-up duty! Favorite food – WATERMELON! I think she could probably eat an entire watermelon all alone if her little (not so little) belly would physically allow it.

She pretty much sleeps from 9pm – 6:30am during the week and likes to sleep a little later on the weekends. (Colt is my early riser, Sadie is my late sleeper.) We still sing "You are My Sunshine", "Jesus Loves Me", and a few others, say our prayers, and are off to bed very easily. As soon as I start to sing to her she lays her head on my shoulder and knows it's bed time.

She is STILL not walking unassisted but is so close. She could walk 5 miles holding my hand down the street but just refuses to let go. She has taken about 2-3 steps unassisted but is so cautious about letting go. It's funny because being cautious is NOT her personality at all! She has a mouth full of teeth, I need to count but I'm fairly certain she has the 4 top teeth, 4 bottom teeth, and 1 or 2 back in the back. 




"DaDu"(thank you)

"Ba" (ball)

"La La" (I think this really doubles for multiple words.....but the one I love most is LOVE YOU)


LOVES the sign language for "more" and uses it all the time "more" food, "more" kisses, "more" jumping on the bed, etc.

What she Loves: 
Watermelon, chewing on a toothbrush (don't dare let a toothbrush in her site that you don't plan to give her for a few hours), dancing, jumping on the bed with Colt, standing all by herself and dancing to music, giving kisses (open mouth always), blowing kisses, wearing bracelets and necklaces (all things girly), getting her hair done in pig-tails, walking holding mom's hand, swinging at the park, going down (and up) the slide at the park, climbing and being on top of everything, bathtime, reading books, dogs, balls, going to the waterpark and playing in all the water sprayers and water slides!

What she Hates: 
Pooping (GI appointment is June 10th and we are living on Miralax these days), not having her way (she can be a slight diva at times), wearing shoes (I can NOT get this girl to keep on a pair of shoes).

Stats: She is wearing size 18mo clothes (has a few 24 mo hand-me-downs) and size 5 diapers.

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