Sadie: 14 Month Update

Sadie is 14 months old now.  She is fearless, funny, sassy, and has the biggest most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen.  She makes my heart melt everytime she gives me a kiss.  She is demanding and has a mind of her own and she is definently ours.  Here is her 14 month update:

Pretty much the same as las month, w
hole milk and water from her sippie cup, and pretty much eats what we eat.  She is using a fork fairly well but will likely poke an eye out fairly soon because she gets frustrated and the fork usually goes flying.  Don't dare try to take the fork from her during the process....both you AND her may loose an eye.  She usually eats more than Colt, Favorite food – WATERMELON, any fruit, raisens! 


She ALWAYS sleeps later than Colt on the weekends.  (Its 9:20 on a Saturday as I type this and she is still snoozing.)  She knows its bedtime as soon as we sing "You are My Sunshine" and "Jesus Loves Me".  The second I start to sing to her she lays her head on my shoulder wraps her arm around my side.  She must move around a ton in her sleep because she always wakes up in a different corner of her crib and has some mean looking bed-head.

She started walking a few days after her 13 month update and is now walking EVERYWHERE.  People always say its tough when they start walking but i'll go on record to say that I LOVE IT.  No more carrying her everywhere we go!  I love her stiff legged walk.  She has a mouth full of teeth, 16!! This includes 2 of the big ones in the back! I havent noticed her being fussy about getting any of these new teeth so I had no clue she had 16!!!





"DaDu"(thank you)
"Ba" (ball)
"La La" (I think this really doubles for multiple words.....but the one I love most is LOVE YOU)


LOVES the sign language for "more" and uses it all the time "more" food, "more" kisses, "more" jumping on the bed, etc.

What she Loves: 
Watermelon, dancing, jumping on the bed with Colt, giving kisses (has figured out the close mouth kiss finally and it always comes with sound effects), wearing bracelets and necklaces (all things girly), taking her shoes on and off, getting her hair done in pig-tails, "organizing" my cabinets, opening and closing doors, swinging at the park, playing in her little house on the deck with Colt, going down (and up) the slide at the park, climbing and being on top of everything, bathtime, reading books, dogs, balls, going to the waterpark and playing in all the water sprayers and water slides!

What she Hates:
Pooping update!  Since her GI appointment, pooping is no longer on the hate list!  Apparently 2 adult doses of Miralax a day has done the trick!!!  What mom hates:  Sadie going through 3 outfits a day due to leaky poop out of diaper! (Too much information, I know.) 
Not getting her way, Colt taking anything she has, sitting still (movies, baseball game, this girl is constantly on the move)

She is wearing size 18mo clothes (has a few 24 mo hand-me-downs), size 5 diapers, size 3 shoes (she finally will wear them!!).


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