Sadie: 15 Month Update

Sadie is 15 months old now. To sum her up: Sassy, sweet, curious and will test her limits every time.

Using a spoon and fork fairly well, tries REALLY hard and gets frustrated if you try to help her. Loves watermelon (any fruit), macaroni.

She ALWAYS sleeps later than Colt on the weekends. Average wake up is about 9:30. She gets tired before Colt at night and you can easily tell when she starts to suck her thumb. 

Not really any official milestones I can think of this month. 

Although she still doesnt have a lot of new words, she can easily follow any directions you give her. She knows exactly what your saying to her: "Sadie, go put your toys away.'Sadie, go brush your teeth.'Sadie lets go get in the bath.", "Sadie are you hungry?"

She can also point to her head, nose, mouth, ears, eyes, tummy, toes, etc. 

What she Loves:
Digging through all the cabinets, jumping on the bed with Colt, playing outside, kicking a soccer ball to colt, the waterpark, the pool, RED, watermelon, meal-time, playing in her little house on the deck, popcicles, balls, getting her picture taken on the iphone (she does a HILARIOUS cheeeeeeeeese face), opening and closing doors, going up and down steps, brushing her teeth, digging in the flowerpots (dirt).

What she Hates:
Pooping, when someone takes something she wants or does not get her way (SASSY!).

She is wearing size 18mo clothes (has a few 24 mo hand-me-downs), size 5 diapers, size 3 shoes.

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