Sadie: 16 Month Update

Sadie is 16 months old now. 

Using a spoon and fork really well, eats anything she can get her hands on. Stan found out her new love for EGGS while I was out of town one Friday night and they made the trek to waffle house. Still havent found anything this girl just won't eat.

She always sleeps later than Colt on the weekends and wakes up about 9:30 unless the dog or Colt wake her up being loud. She is also starting to go to bed a little earlier....instead of 9, she is typically hitting the bed about 8. She gets very sleepy very quickly at night, they must be wearing her out at school! The thumb suck is the tell-tell sign she is ready to go to bed.

Her words are alot more difficult to understand than Colt's were but she is adding to her vocabulary daily. Some of her favorites are "rah rah" for our dog Red, "brada" for brother, "snack", "night night", "bye bye", etc. She also nodds her hed as if saying "yes" to EVERY question you ask her which we have found hilarious. 

What she Loves: 
Her big brother Colt (wants to do everything he does and follows him everywhere), meal and snack time, being tickled and kissed, putting things in the trash, playing outside, kicking a soccer ball, the waterpark, the pool, RED, watermelon, balls, sharing things EQUALLY (one sip for sadie, one sip for colt - don't DARE take 2 sips Colt, she will FREAK OUT on you!)

What she Hates:
Pooping (we have reverted to a pretty bad week on this), brushing her teeth, when someone takes something she wants or does not get her way (SASSY!).

She is wearing size 24mo clothes, size 5 diapers, size 4 shoes. We just went for a late 15 month check up (woops) and here are her official stats:

Length - 32-3/4"

Weight - 28lbs, 6oz

Head - 18-1/2"

This puts her at the 98% on weight and 75% on height. 

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