Sadie - 17 Months

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Sadie is 17 months old now (ok a little past 17 months) and I have become terrible at being timely on her monthly posts. It has always been one of my favorite things about being able to document Colt but I really am slacking on poor Sadie-girl.

Here is her (late) update:

She is definently my child, when given a plate of pasta with meat in it, she will pick around the meat and eat all the pasta. She loves sweets (don't we all), apples, and is growing tired of grilled cheeses but eats just about anything we cook. She is drinking out of a cup alot of nights (read: Mom needs to do the dishes, all her sippie cups are usually dirty or missing) and loves to sit in the big chair at the dinner table but usually eats in her highchair to make for easier clean up. 

She has converted to Colt's early rising ways lately (dang it) and typically wakes up by 7 on the weekends. She is always her very sweetest early in the morning and wants to snuggle and give all kinds of kisses and hugs to everyone. She has had a hard time going to bed lately which usually ends up in a 3-5 min SCREAM and I'm shocked the neighbors havent called the police on us yet. Once she gets it all out, she passes out and is down until morning.

She is really trying to talk alot more these days, some of her favorites words are: "snack", "night night", "bye bye", "rah rah" (all dogs are named rah rah), "book", she knows all of her colors (if you tell her to pick up the green/red/blue/yellow/purple/pink crayon she can do it every time but has a tough time with orange), can make lots of animal sounds which are pretty funny (monkey, dog, cat, cow, lion, etc). She also still nodds her hed as if saying "yes" or "no" to EVERY question you ask never gets old asking her funny questions and seeing her say "yes" and "no" to them.

What she Loves: 
Colt (wants to do everything he does and follows him everywhere), snack time (carrying around her snack cup full of goldfish or raisens), being tickled and hearing herself laugh out loud, riding in Colt's Jeep with him outside, kicking a soccer ball (she will pick it up and take it if Colt is nearby because she is scared that he will take it from her and she won't be able to kick it), Red, playing peek-a-boo, sleeping in the bed with Colt (this started when we got new carpet and everyones beds were taken apart for a few days....Colt and Sadie could easily share a room....they sleep really well together and end up cuddling all night), BOOKS (not necessarily sitting and letting you read them to her but more pulling every book she has off the shelf and reading them herself).

What she Hates:
Pooping, telling her how to do anything (she thinks she knows it all), getting IN the bath (once she is in the bath she loves it but not sure what is going on with the process of getting IN lately), sitting still for longer than 3 seconds. When she doesnt like something, you'll know about it because you'll quickly get a slap in the face or see her hit something (even though its usually a light hit and is more for show than anything else)........we are working on that.

She is wearing size 2T clothes, size 5 diapers, size 6 shoes.

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