Sadie: 21 Month Update

So I've been extreamly slack on posting Sadies updates. We have had a hectic few months with moving and Christmas that it has taken a back-seat so I'm going to try to get caught up.

Sadie is 21 months old now and here is her official update:

She loves grapes, cookies (all sweets), broccoli, and will try ANYTHING. If she doesnt like it she will chew it up and spit it out on the table (eww).

Upon moving into our new house we set up a big girl bed for her and she has now successfully slept her first few nights there! I tuck her in with her "baby doll" and each morning I have had to wake her up. She typically goes to sleep about 8:30 and I get her up about 6:45 on weekdays. Weekends sometimes she will sleep later, especially if she does not hear Colt up (who ALWAYS wakes up first).

She really has alot of words now but still isn't putting too many of them together as "sentences". Some of her phrases are "up here", "love you", "thank you", "get back" (one of her favorites to scold Red), She says alot of other words together as sentances I just can't figure out exactly what they mean yet.

What she Loves:
Throwing the entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet (errrr), Colt, Red, snacks, juice, playing outside, marching, her kitchen she got for Christmas, pretending to cook, bathtime, riding in Colts car seat, Minnie Mouse, Elmo, sitting on the potty watching the specific Elmo's World episode about balls.

What she Hates: 
Pooping. Colt trying to pick her up, she likes to do things on her own.

She is wearing size 3T clothes, size 5 diapers, size 8 shoes. 

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