Sadie: 2 1/2 Year Update

Sadie has grown into her own personality over the past few months in a BIG way.  She is just now starting to REALLY talk a lot, and the girl is pretty funny.  I think back to the big personality that Colt had at 2 and Sadie is SO SO SO different.  She says some of the most random things that make no sense sometimes.  She can be shy at times, and she can be the center of attention at times.  She loves to sing.  When singing her ABC’s she ALWAYS (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.) stops at the letter “S” and yells “THAT’S MY NAME!” and keeps going without missing a beat.  She also loves Jingle Bells, Skidamarink, Old Mc Donald, etc.  She has her own Spotify playlist on my phone and always asks to listen to “Sadie songs”.  There was also about 2 months that she would not answer to her name, Sadie.  She would immediately say “NO, me Elsa.”

What She Loves:
Minnie Mouse, her pink rain boots (she wears them rain, snow, sleet, shine), dressing like a “pripess” (princess), Elsa (she was Elsa for Halloween), anything girly (make up, hair dryer, etc), and anything PINK.  Minnie mouse chicken nuggets, carrots (raw), brushing her teeth, her “best friend Finley”, moms pumice roller (she will get it out of my bathroom and I will find her rolling her feet quite a bit), riding in the “driving buggy” at Publix, her babydolls, saying the blessing at dinner “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Thank you for the food before us……….”, rolling the windows down in the car (no matter how cold), sleeping in Colt’s “secret bed” and candy corn (ok…pretty much any sweet).

What She Hates:
Colt trying to help her do ANYTHING (Ms. INDEPENDENT), pooping (yup, she continues to have poop issues and stays on Miralax), sharing toys with Finley (although she can be VERY sweet with Finley also!), not getting what she wants.  Sadie is PERSISTANT.  Wow. She will just keep asking over and over and over and over and over until someone gives in to her.  Bugs.

What she is Learning:
Still having some issues with the potty.  I feel like it is partially our fault, as we have not taken a lot of time to let her go in just big girl undies.  This is partially due to fear of her exploding poop situation and partially laziness.  She asks to wear big girl undies a lot and does REALLY well when focused on it, but things can turn ugly very quickly and mom ends up having to steam clean the carpets.  She is great at putting on her own socks, shoes, and pants (shirts still give us a little bit of a fit).  Counts to 20 (but always skips 16 for some reason). Knows ABC’s.

Sadie wears 3T/4T clothes and a size 9 shoe.  Not sure on her height/weight.  I will look back at her paper from the doctor.

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