Sadie is Two!

2015.04.04 144.Sadies2ndBday

Sadie is TWO! I'm pretty sure we have hit the terrible two's.......maybe instead of calling her terrible we will just call her SUPER hard headed, independent, strong willed and stubborn. I know i know.......she is a mini-ME (Susan). I take all the blame and credit for this one.


I don't think we have had her 2 year check up, in fact I should probably call about that. Life has been slightly hectic/busy learning our new normal with 3 kids. Here is an update on our little "Sadie-Mae" (as they call her at school).


Sadie definitely loves Red (she will even (gasp) feed him from her mouth when we tell her to quit feeding him under the kitchen table). She also loves Colt and although she hates to admit it relies on him quite a bit. I hear her sweet voice say "Help me Colt!" and "Sleep in Colt's bed!" and "Luv you Colt" and it just melts my heart. She is also known to frequently yell "Colt did it!" or "NO COLT!" or "STOP IT COLT!" too so don't think its all hugs and kisses between the two but I really do love seeing their relationship grow.


She loves to "run like Flash" around the house. She and Colt will race around the house and it cracks us up every time. Her favorite phrase is "Do it self" (aka - don't dare help me, i can do this all myself thank you very much), she is very obsessed with a game she created herself called "pick shapes" which consists of the Candyland cards in her hands and she wants you to pick a card from her hand. She says "pick mommy" and i will say a color and she will hand me that color. No idea why she calls the game "shapes" when in fact you are picking colors.....all the shapes are square, haha. She takes those cards everywhere and they are almost like a little security blanket to her. She is very serious about eating peoples nose....if she eats your nose and you try to eat hers back she gets very mad and will keep taking it back over and over. This actually becomes semi heated between her and Colt. She loves to get piggy back rides from Dad, sword fighting with Colt (has even received a bloody nose in battle), riding in the Jeep with the windows down, marching, putting on everyone elses shoes (i can never fin matching shoes for anyone anymore bc Sadie leaves them all over the house!), collecting rocks, and shopping for rain boots on my phone.


She is warming up to Finley more each day but still hates it when she cries, "NO CRY BABY FEFE!!!!!!!". She cant say Finley (or doesn't want to), she calls her "Baby FeFe" instead, which has kind of stuck with all of us actually.


Sadie is absolutely beautiful, has big blue eyes and blonde ringlet hair which we mostly wear in pigtails. She stays dirty and sticky bc she keeps up with Colt and the neighbor "big kids" but we love her to death and cant wait to see what the next year brings!!


Stats: (Will update after dr aap)


-Size 5 diaper (we are super lazy and haven't concentrated on potty training much but she is waaaaaaaaaaaay ready to potty train. She will go on potty at school and very sparaticly at home but nothing consistent.)

-Size 8 shoe (easily puts them on herself)

-Size 3 clothes (some 2's)

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